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Desktop Confessional

ApSci "Crazy Crazy Insane"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
12:43 AM

ApSci's "Crazy Crazy Insane" is much like its title: crazy catchy, insanely irresistible. It's off their latest album, Best Crisis Ever which will only be out in late July. Apparently, the husband and wife duo has performed at Laundry before? Damn I must be behind the curve if I had no idea. Bah, what a waste of missed music. Anyway, "Crazy Crazy Insane" has whistling and lyrics that read: Six syllables, rhymes with Snakes On A Plane. Um, guess what that might be?

Crazy Crazy Insane - ApSci

The embed is just a 30second preview... full song, please click the link riggggght above this text. :)