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Desktop Confessional


Thursday, March 05, 2009

A few years ago, my About Me read: "I'm all about them words. More than numbers, unencumbered, numbered words. Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards... more words than I have ever heard and I feel so alive."

Yeah I was a bit of a dork (still am!!!), was totally into books, authors, lyrics, words, vocabulary ... I was just getting into my journalism course at that time and was all gung-ho about being a writer.

So it was only apt that I loved Jason Mraz and his incredible way with words. That verse from "You and I Both" is something that I remember pretty strongly.

Hearing it sung back to me live by the guy who penned it was rightfully amazing. People always tell me that he's a great performer, and after last night's concert, I fully agree that Jason Mraz is pretty damn special.

My favourite part of the concert was when he slipped in "Sleeping To Dream" during his performance of "You & I Both". Two of my fave Mraz songs combined into this tender, beautiful medley. I raise my hat to you, sir. Hear and see what I mean:

Some pictures from yesterday.

I video-ed that from my perch way up high. I've never been that high before in a concert but I actually kinda liked it. I could see everything .. how the lights moved, how the crowd moved, the light radiating from thousands of cameras and handphones ... it was sweet!

In 2 weeks - Coldplay.

Life is good in these few fleeting moments. Appreciate.

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