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Desktop Confessional

Viva La Vida in Singapore

Sunday, March 29, 2009
2:48 PM

This time last week, I had just arrived in Singapore, filled with anticipation for Brewerkz at night, and a whole glorious day of no work and a Coldplay concert the next night.

For reasons like that, I really do wish life was a movie you could rewind to the parts you like. Because I really miss last weekend! But I guess I shouldn't whine because I'm heading to Johor Bahru next week for a, er, SalahWrong DJ gig. Whee! We're moving beyond state lines. How did that happen?! Maybe in between all that we can squeeze in a short Sing trip. Preferably between 1 to 3 pm, where the beer is $4 at Brewerkz ...

Anyway, just a few weeks ago I blogged about how excited I was about the Coldplay concert. Even put up some pictures I found online of the "Viva La Vida" tour. Now I can brag that I have my own to show.

Yellow balloons that burst with yellow confetti during "Yellow". The crowd went nuts, but that was only the beginning of more euphoric moments to come.

Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones. "Fix You". Maintain tears moment #1.

And then they performed at the ramp closest to where we were sitting.

And then they upped the ante by going into the crowd and performing on the stands! Right opposite us! I cursed them lucky mofos who got those seats! :( Actually I'm just jealous. Can't you tell?

I like this photo. As Fairuz said, it looks like they're performing in the stars. I didn't get a picture of the next euphoric moment of the night, which was the Mobile Phone Mexican Wave. It's a pretty self-explanatory title. While the lads made their way back to the stage, they plunged the venue into near complete darkness and asked everyone to do a Mexican wave with their cellphones lit up. Fucking amazing to watch.

All through out the night, they had really cool visual projections on the screen behind them and on these orbs that hung from the ceiling. Sometimes it would be really quick cuts of the band in action. Sometimes it would be rendered to project a grainy image of Chris performing solo for a nostalgic effect. For the picture above, it was an almost literal translation of the lyrics for "Lovers in Japan". So absorbing it was to watch that I didn't realize that my next Maintain tears moment #2 was coming up.

Crazy confetti that poured from the ceiling! It came in a few bursts, in line with the various high points of the "Lovers in Japan" song. It was yet another euphoric moment for the crowd, as you can see from the pumped first of the dude sitting in front of me. So, so, SO very amazing.

I loooooooveee this photo. Chris walking with umbrella under confetti rain. You can barely make him out.

Love! Usually when I have high expectations of something, I come home kind of underwhelmed. Not this time though. I knew it was going to be an unforgettable show because I've done enough research but it totally surpassed my expectations! I never screamed so much at a concert, or had my heart filled with so much happiness at what was going on. I was a TOTAL fan and behaved like one; at the end of the show I even begged the security dude to scoop up some "Lovers in Japan" confetti for me (he obliged). It was epic, my friends, EPIC. I've been to enough concerts to know the difference. A lot of artistes can put on a good concert, but Coldplay's was all that and more ... it was a proper show, filled with theatrics, effects, humour, drama. I would pay another RM450 to experience it again, no doubt.

Ok I'm almost done with this blog post. Check out these two songs I love at the moment.

Andrew Bird's "Oh No". Violins, whistling, hand claps and lyrics about "harmless sociopaths". A strange combination on paper but Mr. Bird pulls it so tightly together. His latest album, Noble Beasts, is worth your money.

Peter Bjorn & John's "Nothing To Worry About". So infectious!

On repeat for 17 March

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
11:24 PM

Heard it in passing somewhere and loved it immediately. Stumbled upon it yesterday and found out the artiste and track title, and love it even more with the video. Some things come full circle....

Then and Now

Thursday, March 12, 2009
8:33 PM

Two years ago, you couldn't drag me to at St Patrick's Day event.
A year ago, I developed a liking for Guinness.
Now, I willingly RSVP for a St. Patrick's Day event.
Now, I have a tummy that was never there two years ago.


Oren Lavie, "The Opposite Side of the Sea"

Monday, March 09, 2009
10:00 PM

This is the album I've been putting on constant loop over the past two days. You probably have seen the cool as hell music video for Oren's single, "Her Morning Elegance" as it's making its viral rounds on YouTube. I watched the video because Myra said it's wonderfully made, and it really is, but I remember being more intrigued by the music and Oren's vocals. His style easily fits into the singer-songwriter genre, in the vein of Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens and Joshua Radin. He's got an easygoing delivery, yet the tone of his voice gives the impression that there's more going on beyond the breezy nature of his songs. And then there are the arrangements. "The Opposite Side of the Sea" is heavy on strings, accompanied by the sparse tinkling of the piano keys and fingerstyle guitar. I personally love the combination, it lends to the music a rather cinematic, classical feel. I feel like the story behind the songs come to life a lot stronger ... and truthfully, listening to his music makes me feel like I'm in a beautifully shot indie film where everything moves a little slower and the most everyday of occurrences - like laying safe in bed while the rain pours outside your window - become sublime.

Yeah I am waxing lyrical. I really like it! :p

His MySpace
Official website

And "Her Morning Elegance" video:

3-day weekend

12:02 AM

Instead of writing, I ended up spending an hour dancing alone in my room. I made the most retarded dance moves, probably not recommended to be demonstrated in public. But that is how I entertain myself when I've nothing to do on a weekend. And tomorrow's another sleep-in-day, yay! I love long weekends. But the downside is that I take total advantage of it by thinking that there's always time to finish my stories.

It's early Monday morning now and nothing is done.

In other news, I clearly need a trim. Damn those bangs.


Thursday, March 05, 2009
11:43 PM

A few years ago, my About Me read: "I'm all about them words. More than numbers, unencumbered, numbered words. Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards... more words than I have ever heard and I feel so alive."

Yeah I was a bit of a dork (still am!!!), was totally into books, authors, lyrics, words, vocabulary ... I was just getting into my journalism course at that time and was all gung-ho about being a writer.

So it was only apt that I loved Jason Mraz and his incredible way with words. That verse from "You and I Both" is something that I remember pretty strongly.

Hearing it sung back to me live by the guy who penned it was rightfully amazing. People always tell me that he's a great performer, and after last night's concert, I fully agree that Jason Mraz is pretty damn special.

My favourite part of the concert was when he slipped in "Sleeping To Dream" during his performance of "You & I Both". Two of my fave Mraz songs combined into this tender, beautiful medley. I raise my hat to you, sir. Hear and see what I mean:

Some pictures from yesterday.

I video-ed that from my perch way up high. I've never been that high before in a concert but I actually kinda liked it. I could see everything .. how the lights moved, how the crowd moved, the light radiating from thousands of cameras and handphones ... it was sweet!

In 2 weeks - Coldplay.

Life is good in these few fleeting moments. Appreciate.

Where my money goes to

Monday, March 02, 2009
11:11 PM

It's only the second day of March but I've already spent more money than I was supposed to for the month.

I just paid money for Sunburst tickets. You're probably wondering why I bought the tickets, considering I could probably get a pass from work. I bought it just... in case. I do this for all events that I really want to go for, and would rather not wait until the media pass comes in at the last minute. People have been saying a lot of things about the festival - that it doesn't live up to last year, that it sucks because Coldplay isn't playing...

Everyone's just whining because they can. Some of the comments really irked me. Coldplay was always just a rumour that some chose to believe in too whole-heartedly. And as for the line-up as it stands: Korn, N*E*R*D, Erykah Badu being the big pulls; other smaller ones include ex-Morcheeba singer Skye and ... Naturally 7, which I admit, drew a complete blank. I personally thought that 2009's line-up was on par with 2008's. Not better, mind you. But on par. We should rejoice for Erykah Badu, honestly. I'm not a huge fan but it's such a rare appearance that it has gotten me excited.

I can honestly say that I'm not a massive fan of any of the headliners this year (but I did think N*E*R*D's "Seeing Sounds" album was rocking!!), and neither was I a big fan of 2008's line-up. But there's something really great about going for a music festival that sometimes goes beyond the music. It's the atmosphere of camaraderie, of music lovers thronging to one space to share an experience, of getting stuck in the rain but not caring anyway, of being on your feet the whole day listening to live music that you go to bed so damn exhausted but content.

Maybe in ten years I'll be able to afford Glastonbury or Fuji Rock, but for now, Sunburst makes me happy.

In fact, the whole of March has made me slightly delirious. There's so much going on and simply not enough cash, ever.

I really want to watch the Japanese dance troupe Condors when they're down this Month. Also, 19 March is Battles, followed by Lovefoxxx DJ set on 20 March. 21 March is Sunburst, and I leave for Singapore on 22 March.

Ah... yes. Singapore. That's going to be what makes me fucking broke this month.

I'm heading to Singapore on 22 March to watch Coldplay LIVE on 23 March.

You have no idea how excited I got typing that out. I am going to watch COLDPLAY live. LIVE. In full concert setting, for their Viva La Vida tour. It's like one of my To-Do goals in life - to watch Coldplay live.

Danny Lim laughed at me over Facebook when I told him Coldplay was my favourite band. :p

"How hip of you! Have you heard of U2?" he teased.

Fineeee. Finnnne. I know proclaiming Coldplay as your favourite band makes me look so wimpy but we can't help what or who we love right? I played "Parachutes" to death when I was 15 and it was the first record that really made an impression on me.

Ooooo I do hope that they'll perform some stuff off "Parachutes" and "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" as those are my fave Coldplay albums. It would be worth the RM440 I am spending just to hear those songs live.

Yep you read right. I paid RM440 for concert tickets ALONE. Not even including travel and misc. expenses yet.

I must be insane. It's the most I've ever paid for a concert ticket. '

But it will be worth it.

Because, have you seen the concert pictures?

It will be epic.

And money was made for spending, right?

Pictures from Peter Hill.