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Desktop Confessional

14pp feature

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wrapped the massive feature yesterday. Had a mild panic attack during lunch at Subway because editorial director called and said we have to add four more stories asap because of some ... ads. Don't really know the story, was busy panicking and looking for filler stories.

Found this place in 1U called Garden. It's all decked out in plastic ... kinda tacky, but the food is quite decent actually. I really enjoyed their sorbet which was presented in a rather unique way - scooped into the hollowed out fruit from which it was made.

Wrote the emergency stories in a daze when we got to the office. Didn't know what to make of the title, so I asked Myra if "Secret Garden" was too tacky.

"No, it's okay. And the cafe is quite 'secret' given its location." (ie hidden)
"Okay! Now ... who wrote Secret Garden again...?" I ask.
"Bruce Springsteen," she replies. With absolute certainty.
" ...... LOL."

So I googled the author, found the REAL writer and not an Americana folk singer, finished the story with a flourish and submitted it to editing.

"Wow ... am I done???"
"Yeah," Myra says, quite bothered cos her CD of images with KL Design Week photos were fucking up.
"OMG... I can has freedom?"

Which is why I am here, blogging inane crap. Don't shoot me.

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