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Desktop Confessional

A working girl

Friday, January 23, 2009

I braved traffic and rain to interview a pole dancer a few weeks ago. Her studio was in Hartamas, next to this place called Kelab Casablanca, which was guarded at the front by some surly dudes in blue. From the outside, no one can see what goes on inside as the glass was tinted and people went in as quickly as they came out.

It's damn near impossible to find free parking in Hartamas, so I decided to park near the Kelab. It was RM5, and I only had RM50. The parking attendant wouldn't let me in. So I tried to reason with him and put on this stupid manja voice, reserved for moments like this.

Me: Bang.. please lah Bang. Let me park first, nanti I pergi 7-11 tukar duit kecil ok?
Him: You nak pergi mana akchurlee?
Me: Kelab Casablanca. (I wanted to say pole dance studio, but I couldn't figure it out in Malay fast enough)
Him. Oh. Buat apa kat sana?
Me: Ahh... *tries to translate English to Malay in head*.. ada ... interview.
Him: Oh ya ke?? Ok ok, park dulu lah okay. Bila you dapat kerja, I happy. You happy, Bang happy.
Me: Oh.

(realizes he thinks I'm interviewing to be a GRO or something)
(contemplates telling him he got me wrong)
(... or play with it for free parking)

Me: Oh thank you Bang, thank you.


Not gonna lie. Being a girl has its perks.


I met a really cute boy today by the way.

He doesn't like me half as much as I like him.

  1. Anonymous joyce said:

    so how did your interview go? ha ha

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