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Friday, January 09, 2009

I tried calling Istana Budaya today to confirm a show they were supposed to be hosting. At first I was quite optimistic that I'd get an answer asap, because when I went on to their website (please be ignoring the horrible music they have as you enter the site ... it's the government's interpretation of our culture, although what that really constitutes is another debate altogether), I found a long list of names with individual numbers, arranged according to departments. Wow, I thought to myself. How awesome - finally a governmental website that wants to help you out and not mindfuck with you.

But I call and call, different numbers each time, and get no response.

"Why is no one answeringggggggggg?" I whinge to Myra who sits next to me.

She takes one look at her laptop clock and retorts: "Do you really expect Istana Budaya to answer calls at 5.50pm?"*

"..... That is so damn true."

Foiled once again.

*You have to be Malaysian to get this


I got a little emo while writing a story about Jason Mraz. I was reading through his blog, doing some research. Came across this entry entitled A Change Is Going To Come and as I was reading it, Flica's "All" came on my iTunes. It was like the perfect combination and I don't know why but I really FELT the song and what Jason Mraz was trying to say. I just kinda sat there in the office, spacing out to the song and his words. "To be alone with everyone." I know what you mean dude.

Am definitely looking forward to his show in March. Please also check out Flica because he's my favourite local act at the moment. I love, love his style.

Tomorrow is going to be quite the madness. Birthday bash at Urbanattic and then Kevin and Ethan's super cool can die night at 69. You better play some cheesy choons ok!

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