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Desktop Confessional

Celeb gossip overload

Sunday, January 04, 2009

"I was reading Lindsay's blog and she said that this was the first time she'll be away from her family during Xmas and NYE because she'll be spending it with Sam," said Myra last Friday on the drive home from lunch.

"Awwwww. But isn't Sam in Miami?" Didi asked.

"Yeah they both are. I saw pictures," I offered from the backseat.

A pregnant pause.

"Maybe we shouldn't be talking about Lindsay Lohan like we know her."


Are you a fan of Scrubs? I freaking love that show but for some reason, only watched 2 ... or was it 3 ... seasons. Anyway, they now have webisodes entitled Scrubs Interns. Episode 1 is just out and I believe you can watch the entire web series through YouTube, so make sure you subscribe to it. Here's the first episode, enjoy! I haven't watched it yet because I am engrossed with season 1 of Dexter - it is freaking me out but I am so intrigued! I dig my own nightmare grave, honestly.

  1. Anonymous joyce said:

    i SUPER LOL at the lilo story

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