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Desktop Confessional

Two Week Countdown: #9

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am guilty of a certain yuppie pleasure: pretending to do work (ok lah, I actually DO work) and generally looking busy in some wifi-ed cafe. What can I say? I love coffee, am a workaholic, spend too much time online, but likes to be out - so, I go out to a cafe somewhere, work, have coffee, and be online on Sundays. And only Sunday for some reason, I don't know what. Habit, I reckon.

The harder part is finding the perfect place for all the above to take place. I don't like going near where I live cos I run the risk of bumping into someone I know and have uncomfortable small talk. I've done the Starbuckses, the Coffee Beans, etc ... but I found my favourite this year in Pick N Brew, 1 Utama.

I call it my hideaway because it's so damn quiet there on a Sunday. In the smoking lounge where I plonk myself most of the time, there's hardly anyone in it. Which is great for me! There's a lot of coffee to choose from, warm food to order if you get hungry (as opposed to stale pastries you get at other coffee places), and agreeable ambiance. Also, the waiters will come to your table and fill up your glass of water which is nice since the lingering aftertaste of coffee and cigarettes isn't exactly minty fresh. My only beef with the place is that it's freezing sometimes.

Yesterday was Sunday and I was there again. I spent ... five hours? And then I left for Ipoh chicken rice with Meesh, followed by a lounge poolside with a beer in hand and great conversation. I love nights like the one I just had. <3

Ok yes I was Facebooking but I did finish a story today!!

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