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Desktop Confessional

Two Week Countdown: #8

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Black Circuit Paddock Party, 22 March - the best party of 2008.

Thank you Steve Aoki, for the good times. And you too Cobrasnake, for making the too-cool-for-you KL hipsters BEG to have their photograph taken. Hah.

Big xox to Kevin Yeoh for the picture! I love you sayang!

On another non-countdown-related note, I love fairy lights. Especially when they come like this:

During Art For Grabs at The Annexe last weekend, I bought the mini version of Bright Lights At Midnight's Playground Series. Mine is called "Don't Friend", and it has Bob the Builder on it! Myra placed her red reindeer from Muji in between and it is currently serving as our Christmas desk decor (red, green, reindeer - close enough!). On other days, "Don't Friend" will serve as my desk plant seeing as I killed the previous, living, actual plant. This will never die!!!!!!!!!!

And it's cuter too.

One more for the road.

And cryptic blogging for the night that only I will get when I look back on this entry: don't let yourself be second best.

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    Eh fix my link on your sidebar can or not? -_-

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