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Desktop Confessional

Two Week Countdown: #7 & #6

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas!

And yes I missed two days because I've been too busy to do anything but eat, drink and be merry. Spent Christmas this year with Michelle and family since mine was MIA (parents in Singapore, brother in Melaka) and had a sweet time.

Um..so yes, back to the countdown. I'm already scratching my head and searching my memory for stuff to write about. I don't know why I thought blogging consistently for 2 weeks would be a good idea ... I should REALLY not make decisions like that at 3 in the morning....

But #7: moving to the new office!

We moved in November after months and months of deciding where to set up shop at. The colonial bungalow where we used to reside was quaint and one of a kind but it was definitely too small for us. And the clutter was so overwhelming that one can't even wrap their head around clearing it. It's best just to start on a clean slate.

It was quite a change. We went from Bukit Bintang to Petaling Jaya. From a bungalow to an office block. But I quite like where we are now, and it's not just because Starbucks is right below us. (Though that helps with the caffeine fix)

Scenes from the shelves behind me:

We had an officewarming party on Tuesday. It went on from 730pm to 230am. In between those hours, 12 bottles of wine were opened and 60-70 cans/bottles of beer were consumed. I only had one bottle for those who think I help contribute significantly to that amount! It really felt like a frat party at one point, haha. But it was tres fun and I was so pooped from it that I almost turn into a lane with incoming traffic on the way home - thank God for Ming and Kevin who started yelping in the car. Sorry for the scare!

Adrian giving a ...hmm, heartwarming year-end speech. :D

This was going on outside though.

So.much.food. Roast turkey from Shangri La, fried chicken wings and some famous belacan fried rice from Fatty Crab, sushi, Christmas cakes, chips&dip, salad, etc. I feel pretty guilty now cos the night after this, I had roast pork from Nero Teca, pasta, bread and dip again with Michelle's family. Followed by mutton stew for breakfast. It's their family's tradition ... how could I possibly break it by saying no?



#6 I learnt how to use the CDJ this year.

And did some gigs where people introduced me as a "DJ". Which never fails to embarrass me because I so do not qualify as one yet. Perhaps in 2009 I shall make it a point to practice a bit more.

  1. OpenID wookookoo said:

    I'm Hungry.....

  1. Blogger cyber-red said:

    now i wish i was working for you guys - fooddd, guitar herooo wink wink

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