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Desktop Confessional

Two Week Countdown: #2

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today as I was driving to meet Didi and Myra for roti canai breakfast at Raju's, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, traffic is particularly loud today". So I kept pulling up the window controls just to make sure all the windows were up.

At breakfast, my brother calls and tells me there's glass where I parked in front of my house.

"Go check your car and see if your window's been smashed and if anything's stolen."

I went and found this.

Thanks a lot you fucker fucking asshole who did this. I didn't even notice it when I got into car cos I was rushing and because the main window was still in tact. So, that discovery totally killed breakfast for me as I drove home to exchange cars with my brother so he can bring my car to be fixed. It's okay now and thankfully didn't cost too much. To be honest, I was more pissed off that it had to happen on NYE Eve and the possibility of having no car tomorrow night was ....... irritating. To say the least.

Anyway, all this is just a roundabout way of bringing me to #2: I got my own car this year.

It was momentous actually. I've always been a public transport person, which in KL totally sucks ass. After years of battling it out with the madding crowds, of trains being BEYOND late and breaking down, of the city smog and pollution in my face, of declining events, parties and hangout sessions because of not knowing how I'd get home ... having a car just granted a whole new world of possibilities and freedom. I love my car! Even the thought of paying RMXXX a month for the next 5 years hasn't killed me inside yet. (The operative word here is YET)

Next, I want my own apartment (or, share an apartment with a friend or something). The goal is to move out by 25.

Tomorrow's the 31st, and that'll be the end of this countdown. Just so you know, this list is in no particular order. I'm just blogging it as I remember them. It's kinda crappy though that someone had to smash my window in before I realized that I got my car in 2008.


On a non-countdown related note, but equally as important and memorable, Adlin held his kenduri kahwin last weekend. It was a pretty afternoon; blue skies, a nice breeze, good music all around. I wish Ayu and Adlin all the happiness in the world!

Today, I got home before 8pm. That hasn't happened in ages. I have 15 minutes to decide whether I can make it for Z ou k's friends party ... I am honestly exhausted though. It feels just nice lying in bed and listening to all the live concert podcasts I downloaded this afternoon: Thao Ngyuen, Peter Bjorn & John, Au Revoir Simone, DeVotchka, The Ting Tings. Podcasts are so awesome; I don't know why I didn't jump onto the bandwagon earlier.

  1. Anonymous nadiah said:

    move to melbourne and we can be housemates :)

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