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Desktop Confessional

Two Week Countdown: #14

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As we approach the year-end, every blog does a weepy, sentimental, optimistic 'looking back' post which romanticizes the year which have just passed. I am so very guilty (and slightly embarrassed) of this blog crime that I will not even link my weepy-31-December posts through the years. If you're really curious, I'm sure you can easily find it for yourself by looking at my archives.

So to stop myself from committing yet another act of emo-ness, I shall blog consistently for the next 14 days, each entry dedicated to something from 2008 that stuck with me.

And because I took the Duffy CD back from work today, I'll blog about her song "Warwick Avenue". Or rather, the music video that went with it. It's the only music video which have ever made me cry sniffle. It has a really boring premise though: Duffy's on her way in a cab or something to Warwick Avenue, presumably to meet an ex for the last time. During the ride, she sings the song and suddenly just starts crying. It's very subtle at first; you see her eyes cloud over, and the tears well up. And then a single tear falls; she avoids all eye-contact with the camera and looks embarrassed. As the song builds, more tears drop and she even stops singing during the middle to regain some control. I think it's wonderful that the director didn't edit the part out because it really hits the viewer HARD. Seriously, if there was an award for Best Acting in a Music Video (listen up VMAs!!), Duffy would walk away with it. Watch.

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