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Desktop Confessional

Two Week Countdown: #13

Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 was a very good hair year for me. I've never received so many compliments before in my life regarding my hair - in the past it was always dry, frizzy, and generally fail. But not this year.

This was the year I met Ming.

I was first introduced to him at a cover shoot for a magazine. He had bleached blonde hair at that time, and he pranced into the studio in denim shorts. I thought he was the most fascinating looking person ever, but I was also intimidated by his fabulosity. And he always looks fiiiierce. Why would anyone that awesome give me the time of the day, I moped to myself.

Then, in March or so, Bombshell opened in Bangsar. I found out then that this was Ming's salon. So with nervous fingers, I typed an SMS ... a very polite one, filled with pleases, thank yous, and such ... asking if I could schedule an appointment with him.

That was it lah. I found out that I really loved what Ming does with his scissors and I particularly liked how he never tried to force me into buying products I don't need or treatments I can't afford. He's brutally honest with what wouldn't work on you and he knows what he's doing. More importantly, he is a genuinely awesome person whom you can talk to about anything.

I trust Ming to do whatever he wants with my hair. This year, I've had my hair long, I had bangs, I got it cut short, I got side-swept bangs, I went red and now I'm purple. I've also recommended tons of people to him and everyone has loved their cuts so far. Ming has a vision for what he wants to do for me but it requires me growing my hair ... so I'm waiting for each inch!

Photo of my hair at its reddest by Myra ... who also goes to Ming!

Hanging out at Bombshell is damn fun too. It's so easygoing in there, and er, you can smoke. Plus when Aaron is around, it's so funny to watch him and Ming interact! Yesterday night I went for my appointment and three of us ended up watching this porno on the computer featuring this porn star named Shyla whom Ming and Aaron have been talking about FOREVER. They finally showed me who she was. I've never seen tits that huge in my life. After my hair session was done, Ming and Aaron took time out to camwhore and pose for me.

This is Aaron, formerly known as Kaspian Kas Kas. He's a total sweetheart.

All this talk about hair leads me to Joyce, who did about the bravest thing ever yesterday. She shaved all of her hair off, and raised RM20k for charity by doing that! Of course, about half of Kuala Lumpur knows that by now since she's updated her blog. I have so much respect for her and she's so damn brave to have done so. And she looks awesome without hair too! Some people are born gorgeous, what can I say?

GI Joyce for the win.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Wow. Loving Ming muchos I see? Teehee.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    awww, sarah...
    thank u..
    muchos muchos gracias, senorita bella.


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