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Desktop Confessional

Two Week Countdown: #1

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ok, this is it, the last in my 14-day countdown and would you believe it, I don't know what my number 1 is? Fail. But looking back and what I've written so far, 2008 has been kind to me, with loads of stuff to keep for memories. I find myself single again after 3 years and it's been a period of adjustment but I am doing fine, and I'm happy. I feel 2009 will be a whole new year of discovery, seeing as I've never been by myself and at this stage in my life where the world really is my freaking oyster. There is nothing holding me back.

Resolutions? Plenty but all I really want to resolve to do in 2009 is to apply myself in everything I do. I want to look back at the end of 2009 and say, "I really tried my best". I want to be better in all aspects. Not the best, just better.

Happy New Year. May 2009 be one sweet year. Global credit crunch? Pah!

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