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Desktop Confessional

The first TAG at B ar soni c

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Was spent hoarding the couch behind the console, hiding in the corner and jumping on the couch. Joyce already spilled her drink so we've christened that Our Corner. Hahah. Yeah, right. Massive karaoke moment when "Belaian Jiwa" was played and surprisingly, found that I still knew all the lyrics (so did about 80% of the people at Sonic which made it that much more fun!!).

Ming, Ethan and co. once again dressed to kill, stealing everyone's attention. Didi and I love looking at them - it's like an explosion of colour and personality. And they're all so bloody nice.

"I love being in the gay zone," Didi commented while gawking at Ming's platform harajuku sex kitten boots.

"You mean ... the safe zone?"

Cos that's what it is!

Damn beat now, will post some pictures tomorrow (although I see Valene has already uploaded some on Facebook.. damn semangat right..)

  1. Anonymous johnlim said:

    great pic! your legs? btw, great to see you blog again! Gimme more stalking material to feed on. More free time in the office these days?

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    not my legs - i wish i can pull of run tights!

    lol no office free time, more like free personal time actually :p

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