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Desktop Confessional

Rewind 3 years.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I went to Starbucks today to get some work done. With my laptop. And an air of importance. Like, wow look at me girlfriend - look how assured I am as I type, type, typeeee!!

The truth was I did get quite a bit done. I would've never had achieved that at home seeing as the lure of my comfy bed is too hard to resist (as I type this I am lying down. That's how lazy I am).

Sitting at the very same Starbucks where I worked at three (omg has it been that long?) years ago made me a little nostalgic (why am I always nostalgic these days). I knew where and what everything was/is, but at the same time the whole place has changed. It's been renovated; it's a lot bigger now and there are actually COUCHES! Back when I was there, all we had were the wooden chairs as we weren't a high volume store, hence we didn't get the whole Starbucks treatment. The baristas were friendly but no face was familiar - the crew that I worked with have all gone and moved on with life. There wasn't a customer there that I recognized ... I guess they've moved on too.

Funny how this place was practically my second home in 2005/2006. I spent so much time there working shifts, making coffee, steaming milk, cleaning the grease trap, blending ice, carrying chairs around...

... and now someone else does it for me. Upgrade, I say.


Was watching "Running With Scissors" last night and Catherine Feeny's "Mr Blue" came on. It made me so happy! I remember hearing it for the first time on... er, "The OC". Don't care what anybody says, that show was revolutionary until Season 3 came and they hyped up the melodrama. Season 4 was loads better but by then they had lost majority of the early fans!

Anyway, "Mr Blue" people. (Joyce Wrong, you'll love it!)

  1. Blogger joycewong said:

    Salah Chan! I heart the video!!! always wanted to throw a party in a white room filled with helium balloons... imagine the fun!!!

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