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Desktop Confessional

Nothing matters on a rainy Saturday.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Since when was it ok to call someone a 'whore'? And mean it so maliciously? Knowing that that person is no one close to one? Just because she dresses in a certain way? Because she has on make-up? All superficial shit, and gives no one absolutely no right to label anyone a whore.

I will never use that word on anyone, ever.

(ATTENTION whore, maybe...)

So the petrol price went down to RM2.55 per liter, effective today! But increase or decrease, the roads were a nightmare yesterday when the news broke. Maybe Brian was right when he predicted that there'll be many stalled cars on the road because die die also they won't pump petrol until price decrease. Hahah! I think that that's totally possible.

My mom must've felt motivated from the decrease cos she went out to book the new MyVi today. We haven't decided whether I'll be sticking to my current one, or switching. But still, no complaints. Now my brother won't have to hijack my car, wheeee!!!

The past week has been quite the madness. Out every night either working or at events. Had a really good time at the Tongue in Chic's launch at the Apartment KLCC on Wednesday. Had good company, endless drinks, quite good duck pasta (my 1st decent meal at Apartment, honestly) and the space upstairs was so chic and quirky. As usual, didn't take pictures cos am a lazy mofo but bless Facebook, here are 2 from other people instead.

This is from Shuk Yin's album, where we tried to emulate Xu's "O-mouth-look-in-sky" pose, as seen on Cobrasnake. Erm, we all quite fail eh..

And this one I liked, from Reta's album.

More photos here >> click.

Upon recommendation from Jet, I've been listening to CSS's new album "Donkey" lately and it is some hot shite. It just spells out g-o-o-d-t-i-m-e.

I really like CSS remixes too. My favourite has to be their remix of Grizzly Bear's "Knife". It's just amazing, better than the original (which was in all honesty, quite depressing).

Oh! And OMG, this news made me so happy for some unknown reason but Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are back together! I usually do not care much about Hollywood couples but I love them together.

Ok gtg, going to watch "The Notebook"!!!!!

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