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Desktop Confessional

Nothing matters on a rainy Saturday.

Saturday, August 23, 2008
5:47 PM

Since when was it ok to call someone a 'whore'? And mean it so maliciously? Knowing that that person is no one close to one? Just because she dresses in a certain way? Because she has on make-up? All superficial shit, and gives no one absolutely no right to label anyone a whore.

I will never use that word on anyone, ever.

(ATTENTION whore, maybe...)

So the petrol price went down to RM2.55 per liter, effective today! But increase or decrease, the roads were a nightmare yesterday when the news broke. Maybe Brian was right when he predicted that there'll be many stalled cars on the road because die die also they won't pump petrol until price decrease. Hahah! I think that that's totally possible.

My mom must've felt motivated from the decrease cos she went out to book the new MyVi today. We haven't decided whether I'll be sticking to my current one, or switching. But still, no complaints. Now my brother won't have to hijack my car, wheeee!!!

The past week has been quite the madness. Out every night either working or at events. Had a really good time at the Tongue in Chic's launch at the Apartment KLCC on Wednesday. Had good company, endless drinks, quite good duck pasta (my 1st decent meal at Apartment, honestly) and the space upstairs was so chic and quirky. As usual, didn't take pictures cos am a lazy mofo but bless Facebook, here are 2 from other people instead.

This is from Shuk Yin's album, where we tried to emulate Xu's "O-mouth-look-in-sky" pose, as seen on Cobrasnake. Erm, we all quite fail eh..

And this one I liked, from Reta's album.

More photos here >> click.

Upon recommendation from Jet, I've been listening to CSS's new album "Donkey" lately and it is some hot shite. It just spells out g-o-o-d-t-i-m-e.

I really like CSS remixes too. My favourite has to be their remix of Grizzly Bear's "Knife". It's just amazing, better than the original (which was in all honesty, quite depressing).

Oh! And OMG, this news made me so happy for some unknown reason but Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are back together! I usually do not care much about Hollywood couples but I love them together.

Ok gtg, going to watch "The Notebook"!!!!!


Monday, August 18, 2008
1:44 AM

In the middle of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was almost done typing out the Checklist for the KLue site when I accidentally hit the Back button and lost fucking everything!!

OMG.. inhale exhale inhale exhale

I feel so cheated cos I fought off sleep so I can get it done tonight and not worry about it tmr but now I am just frustrated, tired and upset with technology, laptops and my carelessness in general.

Sigh. Time for bed and worry about tomorrow when it comes.

Rewind 3 years.

Sunday, August 17, 2008
5:31 AM

I went to Starbucks today to get some work done. With my laptop. And an air of importance. Like, wow look at me girlfriend - look how assured I am as I type, type, typeeee!!

The truth was I did get quite a bit done. I would've never had achieved that at home seeing as the lure of my comfy bed is too hard to resist (as I type this I am lying down. That's how lazy I am).

Sitting at the very same Starbucks where I worked at three (omg has it been that long?) years ago made me a little nostalgic (why am I always nostalgic these days). I knew where and what everything was/is, but at the same time the whole place has changed. It's been renovated; it's a lot bigger now and there are actually COUCHES! Back when I was there, all we had were the wooden chairs as we weren't a high volume store, hence we didn't get the whole Starbucks treatment. The baristas were friendly but no face was familiar - the crew that I worked with have all gone and moved on with life. There wasn't a customer there that I recognized ... I guess they've moved on too.

Funny how this place was practically my second home in 2005/2006. I spent so much time there working shifts, making coffee, steaming milk, cleaning the grease trap, blending ice, carrying chairs around...

... and now someone else does it for me. Upgrade, I say.


Was watching "Running With Scissors" last night and Catherine Feeny's "Mr Blue" came on. It made me so happy! I remember hearing it for the first time on... er, "The OC". Don't care what anybody says, that show was revolutionary until Season 3 came and they hyped up the melodrama. Season 4 was loads better but by then they had lost majority of the early fans!

Anyway, "Mr Blue" people. (Joyce Wrong, you'll love it!)

1 more for the night.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
1:54 AM

On a roll today!

Tomorrow... or rather, later today, I'm going to check out Queens of Noize at Zeta Bar. Which I am quite excited about. They're a female DJ duo from the UK and host this night called Smash & Grab at Punk Club in London; if I had to compare, it would sort of be like LapSap or TAG ... but with girls behind the decks! Yay!!! I found this scan from UK VOGUE while doing some research. Looks like their nights are pretty popular over there, judging from the people it attracts...

Plus they have this Video Booth thing at their parties where guests can go and record themselves; later the organizers take the footage and make a vid to remember the night. Sweet. There are so many on YouTube but I like this one cos Of Montreal's "Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games)" is just a fun song, despite the long-winded, annoyingly cryptic title.

Fun! Hopefully it'll work in KL. Zeta Bar isn't exactly the first place that springs to mind when you think of nights like these but hey, I won't knock it till I've tried it. Queens of Noize starts at 11pm, 13 and 14 August. Admission is FREEEE, fools!

Word wankdom.

12:43 AM

April Kuan (i donno why i call April Kuan by full name but it rolls off the tongue!) sent me this link of "9 Words That Don't Mean What You Think" and I totally geeked out to it! I've been mis-using certain words for years! OMG MIND BLOWING (for real. But maybe only because I am Her Royal Dorkdom.)


People think it means:
Any kind of amusing coincidence.

Actually means:
An outcome that is the opposite of what you'd expect.

So, if a porn star moved to Virgin, Utah, that would be ironic. If the same porn star bought a house in Boner Knob, Montana that
would not be ironic.


People think it means:
"Spotless" or "as good as new."

Actually means:
"Ancient, primeval; in a state virtually unchanged from the original."

It's therefore perfectly possible to have a pristine mountain of fossilized brontosaurus shit, but if you were to buff that mountain to a lustrous shine, it would no longer be pristine.

(Honestly I really thought 'pristine' meant so new it was shiny! I mean... even the word 'pristine' is kinda ... sparkly.)


People think it means:

Actually means:
Outrageous or heinous on a grand scale.

War crimes are enormities. Extra-big bouncy castles are not.

Should you care?
This is one of those words you really don't need to be using anyway, unless you're giving a speech at the U.N. Just remember that if you say to your girl, "I hope you're prepared for the enormity of my dick," you're implying that your penis is responsible for several acts of evil on the scale of ethnic genocide. This may or may not turn her on, depending on the girl.

Also I am glad to know about 'nonplussed' and 'bemused'. Gawd I need to read MORE.

Recently I've developed a huge liking for pop punk dance band Cobra Starship. OMG they are made from all sorts of WIN!!!!!

Didi has seen them live and met Gabe. I am so jealous. Pouts.

Nerdy pet peeve.

Monday, August 11, 2008
11:07 PM

When people confuse 'dateline' and 'deadline'.

Dateline: The part in a story, news piece, article which states where and when the piece was written.

Deadline: The date you have to submit your stuff in by before your professor grills yo ass.

Or editor.


Saturday, August 09, 2008
3:20 AM

I'm finally home, snuggled within my comforters with laptop on my ... lap. Earlier tonight, I was at the Kent event at jin tendang* Mines. I'm quite proud that I didn't get lost driving there from Bukit Bintang, but it took me an hour just looking for the right exit home. -_-

The event was quite cool actually; organizers had turned a plain exhibition hall into a big space decorated with huge lights that glowed from the ceiling and even the table stands were basically lampshades. Unfortunately I think I was tired out from the past week to really get into it. All the alcohol just made me even sleepier and I knew that I should leave seeing as everyone started to ask if I was okay. No one likes a spoilsport.

Being at one too many parties this week just made me realize how much of an introvert I really am. Though I had fun at each and every one of them (particularly the MTV Asia Awards after party - so much white wine and Moet!), attending them always make me miss the privacy of my own space and the luxury of having alone time. Small talk is by far the scariest thing for me to do, especially in a place where the speakers are pounding. Why bother, I think sometimes, when no one's gonna remember this in an hour?

So much of what I do seem to be exercises in futility lately. I think it's a funk I'm going through where my self-esteem is just crippling me. I wish I was more interesting, wittier, a better conversationalist. At 23, you'd think being happy with who you are would come a lot easier.

I met someone today at the party who is friends with a former lecturer in college. He told me that my lecturer was immensely proud of what I'm doing, what I'm becoming and where I am now. I felt a warm rush after hearing that and it was seriously the most comforting thing I've heard about myself in a while. Most days I wake up thinking that I've got so much to prove, but for that one moment then, it felt alright to just ... be.

Today's inspiration is brought to you by Britney Spears, who is looking like a million bucks again. I'm rooting for your comeback Brit, and I don't care what anyone says, "Black Out" was amazing!

And lately, I've been listing to Cut Copy obsessively. I totally believe their hype now. "Strangers in the Wind" is definitely one of those songs I'd put on repeat.

Jin tendang - a place so far and obscure that it seems like a genie (ie jin) kicked you there in spite. (Didi totally rocks for introducing me to the word)