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Desktop Confessional


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm on leave tomorrow to run some errands that have been backlogged since May. I'm actually kinda excited to get them done, so I can just move on with life instead of constantly harping on the fact that they sit pretty on my To Do list. Yes this is what excites me these days. Not parties, not events, not even booze, but the ability to strike things off my ever-growing To Do list. Yay to me!

For those wondering, Urbanscapes was awesome. I guess you could call me bias for saying that, but I'm totally not kidding. There was just so much going on at the same time that it was a bit of a stimuli overload. Since I was there from morn till midnight, I really got to see how the festival grew over the day, and how the endless activities played out. Of course there are some people who've told me that they were a little bored - understandable of course. You can't please everyone kan? Just the fact that they made an effort to show up was good enough for me. Some more all the way in Sentul which I know is quite jin tendang for blur Subang and PJ people. :P

The next on my agenda is Rainforest this weekend. Am looking forward to that as I've never been. Heard it's an experience to remember - hopefully it'll turn out that way!

The Hong Kong trip with my mom and her friends is still a bit lost at the moment. The hotel which were initially supposed to be at was apparently seized by the bank because it couldn't pay its loans. And therefore, no hotel. AirAsia should really look into the credibility of the hotels they put on their list, methinks. Anyway, we've been going back and forth about a substitute. They put us in this hotel near the damn airport, which is just too far from any where of interest. Right now, it looks likely that we'll have to top up a little extra for a hotel in Kowloon. What is this fuckery. Ugh. No accomodation confirmed and my flight is on the 21st!

I guess nothing beats my mom's Remark of the Week. She wanted to e-mail me information about the substitute hotel and asked for my e-mail address.

So I told her. "sarah at xxxx dot com dot my"

Her: And how do you spell that...?

"MAAAAA!! You gave me my name!"

Some habits, like confirming an e-mail address, are hard to kick.

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