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Desktop Confessional


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Despite all the hell breaking loose now, I find comfort and a bit of reassurance when I saw how gorgeous and bright the moon was tonight.


Avoided a road block on Jalan Hang Tuah earlier thanks to Joyce who texted to warn everyone in the office.

In other news, the washing machine pipe burst today. Die la. Got a mountain of laundry from Rainforest and some from last week all waiting to be washed. If not fixed by tomorrow, need to send it to the laundromat. Does one separate colours from whites when dropping off laundry or do they do it for you? Yes I know. So many laundry questions these days...

Anyway... was googling 'laundromat' (cos I didn't know if it the word was that or 'laundrette') and came across this site: Satan's Laundromat. Ok it really isn't as deviant as it sounds! It's just a collection of photos shot in New York City. Man I LOVEEEE city pictures. Love looking at different cities, the lights, the people, the crowd. Toying with the idea of doing something similar for KL. Brush up on my rusty photography.

Enough idling. Going to have myself some cake and then, a shower!

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