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Desktop Confessional

Exploding, floating.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chalking up another late night.

A short poll: do you concentrate better with or without sounds/distraction/noise? My brother and I are polar opposites when it comes to focusing. I work and learn better when there is background noise, but he can't absorb anything if any one so much as speaks. When exam season rolls around, you can never see his batang hidung in the house because he spends his time in the deadly silence of the library.

Which brings me to what I'm doing now. Working on the feature. I erased 500 words in a second because I just wasn't feeling it. The music that was on was just wrong. They were all too ... happy. Bouncy. Shouty. Dancey. This laptop I have is new so my iTunes is kinda miserable with only 1GB worth of music.

I needed something to space out to, something that would fill the holes in mind with emotion, colour, texture ... Right, you have no idea what I mean. I had to resort to YouTube to get my fix of the music I needed, which was anything by Explosions in the Sky.

I'm not a huge post-rock fan. After watching Explosions in the Sky live, a friend asked me if I'd go to another post-rock gig to which I responded that once you've heard one post-rock band, you've probably heard 'em all. Such a sweeping statement yeah, but I meant it. However, I can definitely see the genre's appeal. There's so much majesty and tragedy in the instrumentals. The fact that there are no vocals makes it a lot like a blank page on which you can write whatever story you want.

Which is probably the best thing about this genre. Everyone feels the song differently. For me, I feel like I'm floating whenever I listen to it. I feel disconnected ... but in a good way. Like my mind gets to just be my mind without my heart interfering.

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