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Desktop Confessional

Back from Kuching.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My first Rainforest World Music Festival experience is over. Now I can scratch that off my list of Must Dos in life.

Damn tired now. As soon as we reached KLIA, my mind kicked into Work mode. What stories left to do? How's the opis? And dear god, what will greet me when I open my inbox? Seriously the thought of my e-mails scared the shit out of me!

Reality kicks in too fast.

Notes on the fest (because writing a proper narrative is too much to handle now):

how I, even though not remotely a world music fan, completely layan-ed the music. It's true what everyone says: you'll love it when you're there. The whole vibe just makes the music easy to enjoy.

the 50 beer coupons courtesy of Heineken. 50 beers in 3 days - all finished. Not just by myself of course, shared with some friends and brought some as goodwill to after parties!

the evening poolside fun with Kev, Mary, TL, Nur, Joyce, John, Natasha.

ass-wrestling on the beach O_O. And how Joyce beat Undefeated World Ass Wrestling Champion of the Universe (self proclaimed), Khai Lee.

sunset at the beach. Too bad that happened on my last night :(

the day-time workshops! In all honesty, I enjoyed them more than the night performances.

eating at the food mart. The Arabic Rice stall is awesome.

the Sarawak Cultural Village. It's beautiful!


so. much. MUD. It's Recharge Revelation 4: Global Gathering all over again for me. The last time I danced in mud, I had an itchy rash on my foot for a whole month (yes I know, too much info) so I'm still a bit wary. When will I learn to invest in a pair of Wellingtons?

the scary food at Santubong Resort's restaurant. Rubberband mee hoon. Deep fried and re-fried spring rolls. Sarawak Laksa made with perencah and jazzed up with bits of egg and prawn. It's quite a cool resort but they should really do it up a little seeing as they put all the media and performers up there.

the rather disappointing pool parties. I only put it here cos everyone tells me how awesome it is when the performers start jamming spontaneously by the resort's poolside till the wee hours of the morning. I think I waited till 4am on the last night and still no action. Sigh.

that I didn't get to see Kuching town. No one to bring me around. Confirm get lost.

O well... maybe next year? And I'm so staying here.

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