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Desktop Confessional


Monday, July 21, 2008

Just finished packing. Supposed to be leaving home around 2.30am. Need to shower. And pack shoes! Oh the last minuteness. Just discovered that my handphone charger might be fucking up on me. No "Charging" icon when I plug it in. Perhaps my batt is charged out... then again, it will usually say "Charge Complete". Gawddammnnn. Please don't fail me NOW of all times. Come to think of it, I left my charger in HK the last time I was there. And now, my new charger is potentially dying as I am leaving TO HK. C'mon Universe, what are you trying to tell me? Stop with the handphone clues!

Contemplating whether to pack the laptop. So paranoid of someone breaking into hotel room and stealing it wtf.

Attempting to stay up til 2.30am and sleep on the flight.


Spacing out to Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You". Such a beautiful song, and I love its many layers.

And gladiator sandals? Cannot stand the sight of them on any more feet. Trend overkill now.

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