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Desktop Confessional


Thursday, July 31, 2008
1:21 AM

You know that dream most women have of finding THE hairdresser? The sort of hairstylist you can joke with, share with, bond over magazines with, and gives you beauty tips? The one person you go back again and again?

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted a hairstylist who would do all that. This was because I had bad hair growing up. It was really thick, and bushy, frizzy, dry, waves all over the place, and no style whatsoever. Hair was just hair on my head, not a reflection of my personality.

Thankfully as I grew, my hair got better. The first time a hairstylist said my hair was healthy (and not the usual remark of "SO DRY!"), I beamed with pride. It was seriously a MILESTONE as I've always wanted healthy hair with no split ends! And at 20, I finally achieved it. Ah, hair nirvana - finally.

Over the last year, I've been blessed by the Hair Gods (Vidal and Sassoon?) once again as I've finally found a hairstylist whom I love: Ming from Bombshell on Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar. Girls, he's wonderful and so fabulous! Honestly, he's the most fabulous person I know.

I'm so glad I went to get my hair cut today. Not only did I get a cut and wash, Ming did my eyebrows, introduced me to an awesome eyebrow mascara from Bobbi Brown (which I will get tomorrow!!!), told me what to wear for the MTV Asia Awards and even lent me an effing hot red leather (pleather?) jacket for the show! I is a happy girl.

So yeah - want a good hair cut? Ming from Bombshell okay?! He is fantastiko.

KLue TV News

Monday, July 28, 2008
11:53 PM

I cried laughing when I saw this. My crazy colleagues. Damn jobless! (Technically true! No internet and no electricity at office when they shot it)

Remember that song?

Saturday, July 26, 2008
2:34 AM

Back to life
back to reality
back to the here and now yeah.

(oh yeah and back to the gym considering the shameful amount of food I stuffed my face into in HK)


Monday, July 21, 2008
1:24 AM

Just finished packing. Supposed to be leaving home around 2.30am. Need to shower. And pack shoes! Oh the last minuteness. Just discovered that my handphone charger might be fucking up on me. No "Charging" icon when I plug it in. Perhaps my batt is charged out... then again, it will usually say "Charge Complete". Gawddammnnn. Please don't fail me NOW of all times. Come to think of it, I left my charger in HK the last time I was there. And now, my new charger is potentially dying as I am leaving TO HK. C'mon Universe, what are you trying to tell me? Stop with the handphone clues!

Contemplating whether to pack the laptop. So paranoid of someone breaking into hotel room and stealing it wtf.

Attempting to stay up til 2.30am and sleep on the flight.


Spacing out to Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You". Such a beautiful song, and I love its many layers.

And gladiator sandals? Cannot stand the sight of them on any more feet. Trend overkill now.

Nevermind the buttocks..

Saturday, July 19, 2008
2:38 AM

Why is it that I spend all my day in front of the computer, come home, and then turn my laptop on?

Honestly I cannot sleep if I don't loiter aimlessly online first. It's my equivalent to milk and cookies as a child.

Tomorrow I am going to do my laundry. Then draw up my HK list COMPLETE with directions. Convert currency. Take the boyfriend out for early birthday dinner as I'll be missing it on Monday.

And maybe if I feel like it... I'll join my crazy colleagues who want to audition to be part of the moshpit at the MTV Asia Awards. Already have media pass but still insist on being in the moshpit. Aiyoo uselessness.

Oh! Kevin posted up this picture of me lining up for food at Rainforest. I love it. Tis a true reflection of my soul!!!



Wednesday, July 16, 2008
10:59 PM

Despite all the hell breaking loose now, I find comfort and a bit of reassurance when I saw how gorgeous and bright the moon was tonight.


Avoided a road block on Jalan Hang Tuah earlier thanks to Joyce who texted to warn everyone in the office.

In other news, the washing machine pipe burst today. Die la. Got a mountain of laundry from Rainforest and some from last week all waiting to be washed. If not fixed by tomorrow, need to send it to the laundromat. Does one separate colours from whites when dropping off laundry or do they do it for you? Yes I know. So many laundry questions these days...

Anyway... was googling 'laundromat' (cos I didn't know if it the word was that or 'laundrette') and came across this site: Satan's Laundromat. Ok it really isn't as deviant as it sounds! It's just a collection of photos shot in New York City. Man I LOVEEEE city pictures. Love looking at different cities, the lights, the people, the crowd. Toying with the idea of doing something similar for KL. Brush up on my rusty photography.

Enough idling. Going to have myself some cake and then, a shower!

Hong to the Kong.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
10:32 PM

What is the best way to wash a black pair of jeans in the washing machine? I've been hand-washing them the past few times but it's so heavy when wet and I am lazy. The colour still runs till now! Grr..

Am looking through the prepared itinerary my mom's friends made for the upcoming Hong Kong trip. It's all tentative of course things to do include lots of shopping, and touristy stuff like Ocean Park. Which I am okay with, really. I've been to HK twice in the past but both were for work so I never had time to see much of what the country has to offer. Haven't even been to The Peak! I just hope we won't get completely cheated seeing as we're walking straight into tourist traps.

In the free time that I have, I've been googling for other stuff that I personally wanted to do when there. Here's the working list so far:

Aberdeen Harbour boat ride. Eat at Jumbo Floating Restaurant but it's a rip off, of course.

Eat authentic dim sum.

Buy stuff from H&M and Uniqlo.

Go to Repulse Bay? Then to Lamma Island to eat seafood dinner.

Eat famous roast duck/goose? at Central.

Eat mango pudding Adrian told me about the last time I went to HK.

Eat HK street food.

All I want to do is eat! Shopping isn't even turning me on right now as I'm saving myself for Bangkok in September.

If you've been to Hong Kong, tell me: what should I do there? Besides the obvious things like the above! Hehe.

Back from Kuching.

Monday, July 14, 2008
6:28 PM

My first Rainforest World Music Festival experience is over. Now I can scratch that off my list of Must Dos in life.

Damn tired now. As soon as we reached KLIA, my mind kicked into Work mode. What stories left to do? How's the opis? And dear god, what will greet me when I open my inbox? Seriously the thought of my e-mails scared the shit out of me!

Reality kicks in too fast.

Notes on the fest (because writing a proper narrative is too much to handle now):

how I, even though not remotely a world music fan, completely layan-ed the music. It's true what everyone says: you'll love it when you're there. The whole vibe just makes the music easy to enjoy.

the 50 beer coupons courtesy of Heineken. 50 beers in 3 days - all finished. Not just by myself of course, shared with some friends and brought some as goodwill to after parties!

the evening poolside fun with Kev, Mary, TL, Nur, Joyce, John, Natasha.

ass-wrestling on the beach O_O. And how Joyce beat Undefeated World Ass Wrestling Champion of the Universe (self proclaimed), Khai Lee.

sunset at the beach. Too bad that happened on my last night :(

the day-time workshops! In all honesty, I enjoyed them more than the night performances.

eating at the food mart. The Arabic Rice stall is awesome.

the Sarawak Cultural Village. It's beautiful!


so. much. MUD. It's Recharge Revelation 4: Global Gathering all over again for me. The last time I danced in mud, I had an itchy rash on my foot for a whole month (yes I know, too much info) so I'm still a bit wary. When will I learn to invest in a pair of Wellingtons?

the scary food at Santubong Resort's restaurant. Rubberband mee hoon. Deep fried and re-fried spring rolls. Sarawak Laksa made with perencah and jazzed up with bits of egg and prawn. It's quite a cool resort but they should really do it up a little seeing as they put all the media and performers up there.

the rather disappointing pool parties. I only put it here cos everyone tells me how awesome it is when the performers start jamming spontaneously by the resort's poolside till the wee hours of the morning. I think I waited till 4am on the last night and still no action. Sigh.

that I didn't get to see Kuching town. No one to bring me around. Confirm get lost.

O well... maybe next year? And I'm so staying here.


Friday, July 11, 2008
12:10 AM

Tired, mentally physically, beyond belief. The kind of tired that makes your hands shake. Almost lost it driving home earlier when I got stuck in a jam on Jalan Hang Tuah.

Not even done yet. Still got tedious odds and ends to wrap up before flying off tomorrow. Haven't had dinner. Haven't PACKED. And must be up by 6.30am tomorrow.

Oh my god la, my heart just squeezed itself thinking about the night ahead.

Remind me to think twice before accepting trips on a workday.

Why am I facsinated by this?

Thursday, July 10, 2008
11:12 AM

Nicolas Cage recently spent over $3 million to buy this house in New Orleans.

Nice right? Until you read its history, that is.

In 1833, after several neighbors allegedly saw her cowhiding a young servant girl in the mansion's courtyard, rumors began to spread around town that Mme. LaLaurie treated her servants viciously. According to one tale, a young slave girl had been brushing Mme. LaLaurie's hair in the upstairs bedroom when the young servant hit a snag in her mistress's hair, causing LaLaurie to become enraged. Mme. LaLaurie whipped the twelve year old slave girl, who tried to escape but fell off a balcony overlooking the courtyard, ending her life. The girl was quickly brought into the LaLaurie Mansion, but not before being observed by neighbors, who would file a complaint. The neighbors would later assert that the young girl was buried under a tree in the yard.

On April 10, 1834, during another party, a fire broke out in the kitchen of the mansion. The firemen entered the building through the courtyard. To their surprise, there were two slaves chained to the stove in the kitchen. It appeared as though the slaves had set the fire themselves in order to attract attention. The fire itself was soon subdued.

However, the biggest surprise was to be found in the attic, where the fire brigade was directed by the other slaves. The door was bolted, forcing the fire brigade to use a battering ram to open the door. Inside the crawlspace attic was the stench of death. According to contemporary accounts, over a dozen disfigured and maimed slaves were manacled to the walls or floor. Several had allegedly been the subject of gruesome medical experiments.

The exact details are unclear; owing to the horrific nature of the crime, many details were either swept under the rug or embellished. One man looked as though he had been victim of some bizarre makeshift sex change. Another one had a hole in his head where a stick had been inserted to "stir his brains". A woman was trapped inside a small cage where her arms and legs had been badly broken and then reset at odd angles, making her appear as some sort of "human crab." Another woman had her arms and legs removed and patches of her flesh had been sliced off in a circular motion to make her appear as a giant caterpillar. Some had their mouths sewn shut and had then starved to death. Others had their hands sewn to different parts of their bodies. One woman had her entrails pulled out of her stomach and was secured to the floor by her own intestines. A small boy of about twelve had the flesh on half of his face peeled back, revealing muscle, veins, and so forth. The wound had since been infested with disease and insects. Most of the victims were found dead. Those who were still alive, begged to be put out of their misery and died shortly after.

Also discovered in the attic were teacups and saucers, encrusted with a "red substance." There were several bottles lying about with what was assumed to be the same red substance. The substance in the bottles was later identified as blood.

From Wikipedia.

O.M.F.G how fucking sick is this!
I guess the real question is what possessed Nic Cage to spend 3 freaking million on the hell hole?

Exploding, floating.

2:18 AM

Chalking up another late night.

A short poll: do you concentrate better with or without sounds/distraction/noise? My brother and I are polar opposites when it comes to focusing. I work and learn better when there is background noise, but he can't absorb anything if any one so much as speaks. When exam season rolls around, you can never see his batang hidung in the house because he spends his time in the deadly silence of the library.

Which brings me to what I'm doing now. Working on the feature. I erased 500 words in a second because I just wasn't feeling it. The music that was on was just wrong. They were all too ... happy. Bouncy. Shouty. Dancey. This laptop I have is new so my iTunes is kinda miserable with only 1GB worth of music.

I needed something to space out to, something that would fill the holes in mind with emotion, colour, texture ... Right, you have no idea what I mean. I had to resort to YouTube to get my fix of the music I needed, which was anything by Explosions in the Sky.

I'm not a huge post-rock fan. After watching Explosions in the Sky live, a friend asked me if I'd go to another post-rock gig to which I responded that once you've heard one post-rock band, you've probably heard 'em all. Such a sweeping statement yeah, but I meant it. However, I can definitely see the genre's appeal. There's so much majesty and tragedy in the instrumentals. The fact that there are no vocals makes it a lot like a blank page on which you can write whatever story you want.

Which is probably the best thing about this genre. Everyone feels the song differently. For me, I feel like I'm floating whenever I listen to it. I feel disconnected ... but in a good way. Like my mind gets to just be my mind without my heart interfering.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008
10:26 PM

I'm on leave tomorrow to run some errands that have been backlogged since May. I'm actually kinda excited to get them done, so I can just move on with life instead of constantly harping on the fact that they sit pretty on my To Do list. Yes this is what excites me these days. Not parties, not events, not even booze, but the ability to strike things off my ever-growing To Do list. Yay to me!

For those wondering, Urbanscapes was awesome. I guess you could call me bias for saying that, but I'm totally not kidding. There was just so much going on at the same time that it was a bit of a stimuli overload. Since I was there from morn till midnight, I really got to see how the festival grew over the day, and how the endless activities played out. Of course there are some people who've told me that they were a little bored - understandable of course. You can't please everyone kan? Just the fact that they made an effort to show up was good enough for me. Some more all the way in Sentul which I know is quite jin tendang for blur Subang and PJ people. :P

The next on my agenda is Rainforest this weekend. Am looking forward to that as I've never been. Heard it's an experience to remember - hopefully it'll turn out that way!

The Hong Kong trip with my mom and her friends is still a bit lost at the moment. The hotel which were initially supposed to be at was apparently seized by the bank because it couldn't pay its loans. And therefore, no hotel. AirAsia should really look into the credibility of the hotels they put on their list, methinks. Anyway, we've been going back and forth about a substitute. They put us in this hotel near the damn airport, which is just too far from any where of interest. Right now, it looks likely that we'll have to top up a little extra for a hotel in Kowloon. What is this fuckery. Ugh. No accomodation confirmed and my flight is on the 21st!

I guess nothing beats my mom's Remark of the Week. She wanted to e-mail me information about the substitute hotel and asked for my e-mail address.

So I told her. "sarah at xxxx dot com dot my"

Her: And how do you spell that...?

"MAAAAA!! You gave me my name!"

Some habits, like confirming an e-mail address, are hard to kick.