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Desktop Confessional

Waking up at 5.35pm

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I rolled across my bed to take a look at the time and my eyes almost popped when it read "17:35".

Granted, I fell asleep at 6am after the Urbanscapes Pre-Party. But still! That's just unacceptable. My mom gave me lip service the moment I went downstairs to make some tea. And she gave me the whole, "coming home at 4am is not good because you are a girl". What the hell. If I get raped, she'll probably say it's cos I have cleavage. My parents are just that sort of conservatives.

So instead of thinking about breakfast or lunch, I've zoomed straight into dinner! Simon's picking me up in 45mins and I have yet to figure out what I want to makan. Am hankering for some Chinese food with pork, lard and oil (did I just describe bak kut teh?).

Blogging just to kill time to be honest. And thinking about the coming weeks. Urbanscapes is in barely a week's time which is scary! I am really really nervous about "performing" under WILD. Really, freaking nervous. Just the thought of it disturbs me.

After that, Rainforest on the 11th. 2 weeks later, Hong Kong on the 21st. MTV Asia Awards/Singfest on 1 and 2 August.

:) Loads to keep me occupied. I feel blessed.

& seriously guys, the new Coldplay album is worrrrldd.

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