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Desktop Confessional

Not THAT sober.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lot 10 is having a massive rebranding which means, massive renovation. I saw the initial plans today and it looks... promising. What interest me most was their plans for their Rooftop. They're going to have 2 "UK-branded nightclubs" (I quote. No details yet) up there, restaurants, a gym ... all set to a "urban jungle" theme. By the end of 2008, you'll be able to see noticeable changes to Lot 10 trademark green facade.

Anyway as a precursor to these changes, they threw their "Lot 10 Fabulous Rooftop Party" earlier tonight. Being stuck in the office finishing up last minute stuff before Urbanscapes, I had initial plans to boycott, go home and get much-needed rest (need to be up from 7.30am - waaay after midnight the next day). But after dilly dallying in the office, Joyce and I decided to check it out anyway.

Besides, there were promises of Grey Goose cocktails.

And oh boy, Grey Goose did NOT disappoint. I had... six lychee martinis? On a near-empty stomach. Probably not the best of idea but they were so yummy. Grey Goose is possibly the smoothest vodka on the market, with Belvedere being a close second (though even with that I can taste a slight burn). I just downed one martini after another, while vulture-ing for any food that came my way.

Now one thing I really don't get about events. You set your event to start at dinner time. You plan to serve shitloads of alcohol. Why bring out food in such tiny portions, on mobile trays, where guest can only take one slice/piece/portion because it's too embarrassing to hog the waiter? Why why why. I know it's so kampung and probably not too chic *roll eyes* but a buffet would be the most welcomed. Like mm... barbeque... nasi goreng... lamb chops.. oh god my stomach growls still thinking about it. I left the event hungry, but happily tipsy. And realized that when I have alcohol, my toes start to cramp. Why ah. So not helpful when you're in a club, going at it on the dancefloor then ALAMAK... TOES CRAMPING...

I craved for Ramly burger on the way home. Reality: I had wholemeal buns with butter and jam instead. Needless to say, it did not hit the spot.

  1. Blogger justine said:

    "where guest can only take one slice/piece/portion because it's too embarrassing to hog the waiter?"

    some people at the event were definitely not too shy, shoving others out of the way and grabbing 5 spoons/pieces at a time with their grubby hands.


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