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Desktop Confessional

About talent.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am a person with no notable talent. I am neither singer or actress. Not an artist or a poet. Hardly a dancer or a pianist (though I was formally trained til grade 6, I hated it honestly). I've been told that I am witty by some, but my wit never comes when I need it: not when writing, or when telling a story, or when competing at a stand-up comedy open mic perhaps (not that I've ever, just a scenario!). Which is why I admire multi-hyphenates so much. You know: actor-musician-dancer. Artist-poet-photographer. Math genius-model-bleeding artist. It would be nice to excel at something or to be naturally gifted in an area. Thinking about it now, I wonder how I got to where I am with no outstanding talent whatsoever.

Oh don't worry. I am not wallowing.

  1. Blogger gongkaukau said:

    being self-critical for no apparent reason is morbid, you know...

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