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Desktop Confessional

1.12AM Monday morning.

Monday, June 09, 2008

When one can't decide on what to title their blog post, a time stamp will suffice.

I'm very near completing my feature on Wyclef Jean, but I'm a little stuck right now. I want to connect one point to another but can't seem to find the common ground yet. But I know once I figure out how this leads to that, it will all be worth it.

Over a late night coffee run with the boyfriend (i needed caffeine to stay awake to finish the story) I complained about how hard it is to find time to get away. Which I guess it's a bit much coming from me, since I'll be in Kuching and Hong Kong in July and then Bangkok in September.

Although I am excited about all 3 trips, I'm still dreaming of Perhentian Island. I told Simon, I just need to go where there's nothing to do but lie on the beach, dip in the sea, eat. It really is the most rejuvenating ever. I still smile like a dork to myself whenever I see the pictures from the last trip. I never got to blog about that did I? I so fail as a blogger.

Every other photo has us with very minimal clothes so I won't be blogging those anytime soon. Heh.

Anyway ... I'm probably the only person who's complaining of her travel predicament. I should probably stop whining and go back to Wyclef. Speaking of which, I never got to blog about the time I met him in HK either. Gah, it is true what they say that just as your life gets exciting, you lose all motivation to share it on a blog. It was the most amusing interview ever, conducted while he was lying down and me sitting next to him. Very O.O .. picture:

Er, forgive the caption.. I had to steal the pic from the work blog because the soft copy is in the office computer. I also had to black out my eyes because the pic was to be published in a regional website and it didn't help that I looked like crap.

And I guess I might as well publish the Marie Digby picture since I'm blogging about the interviews I've been doing in the past few months.

She was very beautiful with pale porcelain skin and the silkiest hair. She was also very nice, too nice almost.

I found out last week Jason Mraz will be at SingFest. I love that guy, I used to have his lyrics on my About Me in my blog. Hahaha. Those were the days. I really like his new single though ... it's music to escape to. Nothing serious, just a sparkly pop tune which reminds you of the sea, which is what I find myself doing too often these days. Sigh.

  1. Blogger c.ho said:

    haha.. you're forgiven for not posting regularly... cause you posted jason mraz's vid up.... :P

    though, i would like to see more pics from all your adventures! hope you enjoy your upcoming trips and find some time to go on that much needed holiday of yours.

  1. Anonymous Lins said:

    I like jason mraz too but other people in the office (read: Adlin, Brian, John) always told me to turn his music of whenever i played it. bah!

    hey, don't complain about going on trips ok because we never had that!!! lucky biatch! Heh.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    omg, marie digby so beautiful! even more than sarah =S

    oh, btw check out five o' clock heroes and stars if u haven't already. =D

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    cho and lins - jason mraz is sexxxy.

    anonymous - er yes she is indeed more beautiful that i, no doubt.

  1. Blogger justine said:

    omg. does wyclef have his arm around you? ;p

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