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Desktop Confessional

Not THAT sober.

Saturday, June 28, 2008
12:26 AM

Lot 10 is having a massive rebranding which means, massive renovation. I saw the initial plans today and it looks... promising. What interest me most was their plans for their Rooftop. They're going to have 2 "UK-branded nightclubs" (I quote. No details yet) up there, restaurants, a gym ... all set to a "urban jungle" theme. By the end of 2008, you'll be able to see noticeable changes to Lot 10 trademark green facade.

Anyway as a precursor to these changes, they threw their "Lot 10 Fabulous Rooftop Party" earlier tonight. Being stuck in the office finishing up last minute stuff before Urbanscapes, I had initial plans to boycott, go home and get much-needed rest (need to be up from 7.30am - waaay after midnight the next day). But after dilly dallying in the office, Joyce and I decided to check it out anyway.

Besides, there were promises of Grey Goose cocktails.

And oh boy, Grey Goose did NOT disappoint. I had... six lychee martinis? On a near-empty stomach. Probably not the best of idea but they were so yummy. Grey Goose is possibly the smoothest vodka on the market, with Belvedere being a close second (though even with that I can taste a slight burn). I just downed one martini after another, while vulture-ing for any food that came my way.

Now one thing I really don't get about events. You set your event to start at dinner time. You plan to serve shitloads of alcohol. Why bring out food in such tiny portions, on mobile trays, where guest can only take one slice/piece/portion because it's too embarrassing to hog the waiter? Why why why. I know it's so kampung and probably not too chic *roll eyes* but a buffet would be the most welcomed. Like mm... barbeque... nasi goreng... lamb chops.. oh god my stomach growls still thinking about it. I left the event hungry, but happily tipsy. And realized that when I have alcohol, my toes start to cramp. Why ah. So not helpful when you're in a club, going at it on the dancefloor then ALAMAK... TOES CRAMPING...

I craved for Ramly burger on the way home. Reality: I had wholemeal buns with butter and jam instead. Needless to say, it did not hit the spot.

Have you Jokerize your photo yet?

Friday, June 27, 2008
12:33 AM

The Dark Knight: 17 July. Woot.

So much to do on Saturday.

Thursday, June 26, 2008
11:31 PM

Looking at my Facebook today, and was amused to see this under Events:


So, what about you reading this? Coming or not? And noooo, don't ask me about free tickets k! Everyone's been asking. I've ran out, only had 5 to begin with anyway. Don't tell me you can spend RM200 LIKE THAT *snap* on Topshop stuff but can't part with RM25 (presale)? Come on now... :D But the Marketplace is totally free of admission, and so is the Lakeside arena! That's where peeps like KL Undercover, Lapsap and TAG will be performing. WILD is around 6pm, and it's gonna be a real short set but I'll play some really shameless, guilty pleasure pop there.

Anyway enough plugging. Let's move on to music I've been listening to lately, shall we?!

Santogold "L.E.S Artistes". Santogold, real name Santi White. Genre-bending Afrian American singer. Currently opening for Coldplay at most of their North American tour dates.

Lykke Li "Little Bit". Swedish indie pop singer. I don't know how to pronounce her name, actually. Comparisons to Robyn are inevitable, but she's .. sweeter? More laidback.

Missy Elliot "Shake It Like A Pom Pom". Dayummm this song is my JAMMMMMM. Didi and I freak out everyday to it in the office, and proceed to 'shake our pom pom' and.. stuff. There is no escape when I shake it in yer face. A lyric full of WIN.

MGMT "Kids". Duo of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden (so damn sexy) from Brooklyn. Psychedelic goodness. Downloaded their album a few months back but I finalllly have the physical CD. You must go watch their other videos "Time to Pretend" and "Electric Feel". It's. So. Trippy.

About talent.

12:28 AM

I am a person with no notable talent. I am neither singer or actress. Not an artist or a poet. Hardly a dancer or a pianist (though I was formally trained til grade 6, I hated it honestly). I've been told that I am witty by some, but my wit never comes when I need it: not when writing, or when telling a story, or when competing at a stand-up comedy open mic perhaps (not that I've ever, just a scenario!). Which is why I admire multi-hyphenates so much. You know: actor-musician-dancer. Artist-poet-photographer. Math genius-model-bleeding artist. It would be nice to excel at something or to be naturally gifted in an area. Thinking about it now, I wonder how I got to where I am with no outstanding talent whatsoever.

Oh don't worry. I am not wallowing.

Waking up at 5.35pm

Sunday, June 22, 2008
6:45 PM

I rolled across my bed to take a look at the time and my eyes almost popped when it read "17:35".

Granted, I fell asleep at 6am after the Urbanscapes Pre-Party. But still! That's just unacceptable. My mom gave me lip service the moment I went downstairs to make some tea. And she gave me the whole, "coming home at 4am is not good because you are a girl". What the hell. If I get raped, she'll probably say it's cos I have cleavage. My parents are just that sort of conservatives.

So instead of thinking about breakfast or lunch, I've zoomed straight into dinner! Simon's picking me up in 45mins and I have yet to figure out what I want to makan. Am hankering for some Chinese food with pork, lard and oil (did I just describe bak kut teh?).

Blogging just to kill time to be honest. And thinking about the coming weeks. Urbanscapes is in barely a week's time which is scary! I am really really nervous about "performing" under WILD. Really, freaking nervous. Just the thought of it disturbs me.

After that, Rainforest on the 11th. 2 weeks later, Hong Kong on the 21st. MTV Asia Awards/Singfest on 1 and 2 August.

:) Loads to keep me occupied. I feel blessed.

& seriously guys, the new Coldplay album is worrrrldd.

It's late, I know

Monday, June 16, 2008
3:42 AM

I need sleep, but I opted instead to listen to the new Coldplay, "Viva La Vida". I couldn't help but download it because I was so curious. I'd still get a copy though simply because it's Coldplay and the sound of the download ain't grand.

I'm nearing the end of my first listen, and I'm loving it so far. It's not as emotional as "Parachutes" (my favourite) but I feel it's a tighter, more powerful album that both "X&Y" and "A Rush of Blood To The Head". Am tempted to write a review but NAAHHHH.. it's so tiring analyzing music sometimes. Music needs to just ... be. For a while.

So let's just conclude: "Viva La Vida", totally worth the wait. It's going to be repeated on my iTunes for some time, I just know it.

Life in Technicolor - Coldplay
Kicks off with "Life in Technicolour", an instrumental. Now I REALLY want to get my hands on the physical CD. Goodnight y'all.

1.12AM Monday morning.

Monday, June 09, 2008
12:58 AM

When one can't decide on what to title their blog post, a time stamp will suffice.

I'm very near completing my feature on Wyclef Jean, but I'm a little stuck right now. I want to connect one point to another but can't seem to find the common ground yet. But I know once I figure out how this leads to that, it will all be worth it.

Over a late night coffee run with the boyfriend (i needed caffeine to stay awake to finish the story) I complained about how hard it is to find time to get away. Which I guess it's a bit much coming from me, since I'll be in Kuching and Hong Kong in July and then Bangkok in September.

Although I am excited about all 3 trips, I'm still dreaming of Perhentian Island. I told Simon, I just need to go where there's nothing to do but lie on the beach, dip in the sea, eat. It really is the most rejuvenating ever. I still smile like a dork to myself whenever I see the pictures from the last trip. I never got to blog about that did I? I so fail as a blogger.

Every other photo has us with very minimal clothes so I won't be blogging those anytime soon. Heh.

Anyway ... I'm probably the only person who's complaining of her travel predicament. I should probably stop whining and go back to Wyclef. Speaking of which, I never got to blog about the time I met him in HK either. Gah, it is true what they say that just as your life gets exciting, you lose all motivation to share it on a blog. It was the most amusing interview ever, conducted while he was lying down and me sitting next to him. Very O.O .. picture:

Er, forgive the caption.. I had to steal the pic from the work blog because the soft copy is in the office computer. I also had to black out my eyes because the pic was to be published in a regional website and it didn't help that I looked like crap.

And I guess I might as well publish the Marie Digby picture since I'm blogging about the interviews I've been doing in the past few months.

She was very beautiful with pale porcelain skin and the silkiest hair. She was also very nice, too nice almost.

I found out last week Jason Mraz will be at SingFest. I love that guy, I used to have his lyrics on my About Me in my blog. Hahaha. Those were the days. I really like his new single though ... it's music to escape to. Nothing serious, just a sparkly pop tune which reminds you of the sea, which is what I find myself doing too often these days. Sigh.