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Desktop Confessional

Happy happy music!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'll always be a pop music freak. Some things just don't change!

My current favourite band is Denmark's Alphabeat. They're damn bloody cute and fun and makes really good pop music, something that's like an art form these days because of all the crap that's out there tainting pop music's good name. (Phew!)

They're six people in Alphabeat and three of them are named Anders. No joke. It gets confusing for the first couple of times. There's also Rasmus, their keyboardist who looks like Ron Sexsmith + a hobbit, Troels on drums and the only girl in the group, Stine, whose hair I covet. They were actually invited to tour with the reunited Spice Girls, but DECLINED. Apparently, they did not want to introduce themselves to the world as being the support act for the girls's reunion tour.

Their signature track is "Fascination", a song bursting with frantic energy that one either loves or hates.

My favourite song though has to be "What Is Happening?". I love the boy-girl vocal harmonies and the little twist at the end where the beat picks up. Also, love the bittersweet sentiments and the chorus and the hooks. OMG too many things. This is a great pop tune. And the band does it so well live too. Watch watch watch.

  1. Anonymous Lins said:

    I finally had some time to sit down and youtube alphabeat ... dare i say i prefer them to paramore. hehehe.

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