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Desktop Confessional

It's YouTube day!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I've been terribly busy working on the new KLue site. We've been trying to get it up for so damn long now that I almost can't believe it's live and running. And running well, and looking good! I must admit, I personally like it; love it even. It's so easy to use, and I should know as I had to test some pretty atrocious ones while working towards the final result. I have a bit of an obsessive personality, and right now, the site is my obsession. (Gah, why am I such a workaholic.)

The last entry on this blog was just before I headed out for the Black Circuit Paddock Party. Oh my god what a freaking awesome night. It was all levels of insanity. There was a fucking crazy mosh pit in the dancefloor .. Steve Aoki and Mark "thecobrasnake" Hunter made full use of the crowd by doing like, 5 stage dives. There was a moment where I thought I was going to die of being crushed by thecobrasnake... he stage dove, I fell, and he almost landed right on top of me. Lucky I got pulled up in time. Anyway, the both of them were great to interview - no egos. Here's a video with snippets of our conversation and clips from the party. The part where it gets static-ky is when they stage dove and Didi couldn't hold on to her camera.

It's definitely in the running to be the best party of the year. Even Aoki thought it was rocking, since he blogged about it. And of course, cobrasnake's infamous party photos of the night.

Ok, moving on to tomorrow's big event - Surface. It's part of this audio-visual project organized by British Council, called Re-Imagining The City. What they're doing for this event is pretty ridonkulous - they've collected recordings, photos and visuals of KL to piece it together into a piece that reflects the city. It's all going to be set to some pretty awesome mood music and from what I saw last night at their warm-up gig, it's going to an eye-opener because the D-Fuse guys really know what they're doing. You'll get what I mean when you watch this video:

Ok, enough event whoring. I'll end this entry with a mash-up of R Kelly's "I'm A Flirt" and "7/4 Shoreline" by Broken Social Scene (drunkards!). It is DOPE.

  1. Blogger + nadiah said:

    I never told you about how good BSS were at Laneway in Melbourne, did I? Ah, man. One of the highlights.

    Anyway, nice work on the KLue site...
    do I detect a slight Nylon influence on the magazine?

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