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Desktop Confessional

Because Jerome Kugan is more awesome than you.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Jerome Kugan is launching his album Songs For A Shadow this Saturday at The Annexe and it's going to be fantabulous, because Jerome is fabulous and his album is fierce. (In a mellow, electro-acoustic kinda way.) If you don't believe me, I have YouTube videos to prove his fabulosity! See!

(probably my fav of the three. I remember listening to this at No Black Tie and loving it, way before Jerome and I were friends.)

This Excellent Love

City of Mud

Isn't it fantastic? (Ok I am running out of 'f' adjectives.) Don't you want MORE? Then drag your ass to the album launch this Saturday (12 April), 8.30pm at The Annexe Central Market. There will be readings (bernice chauly + priya k), performances (bulimia, tan sei hon, azmyl yunor, ferns) and a dj set (danny lim +... me -_-). I still get weirded out when people call me a "dj" cos I am so far from one. I just choose my fav stuff and press play.

Anyway, see you there in your fancypants. Don't forget the fancypants, dammit! It's the theme! I am wearing red leggings. Or maybe my crazy retro skirt. Or my loud yellow dress. Hmmm...

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