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Desktop Confessional

Sippin' tea before the party

Saturday, March 22, 2008
6:52 PM

What a self-explanatory title. It's been raining non-stop the whole day, and I've been sleeping and watching YouTube clips of Steve Aoki. Why? Cos I'll be interviewing him in a few hours for the Black Circuit Paddock Party. So yes, doing my research yo. Judging from his YouTube clips, he's damn psycho when spinning. Stage diving, falling down, pouring vodka all over the crowd ... i feel like i should wear sensible shoes tonight or something cos it's gonna be crrrrrraaazzzzy.

Aoki aside, everyone else seems to be equally excited about his traveling partner, Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter. He'll be at the party later as well and no doubt, scouting for interesting looking people to put on his infamous website. So is it any wonder really that the question on everyone's lips is not "Are you going?", but "What are you wearing?". I know everyone's just going to be gunning for him to snap a picture of them, so i am stoked to see some crazy outfits. KL better bring the madness.

.. ok, my tea's done. Going to shower now and figure out what to wear (er, probably top and jeans cos am very NOT stylo).

(ugh. this blog needs some visuals, kan?)


Sunday, March 16, 2008
3:08 AM

A few lines on Sunburst.

George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic was hawt. Esp the guitarist who came up in a diaper (i can see his saggy balls but let's not think about that). There were furcoats, pimp wear and good vibes. I love that grandpa.

The Roots were BLOODY GOOD. I like the dorky token white guy. Haha.

Incubus still has it. Media were clamouring over them in the press room. They played mostly stuff from Morning View and A Crow Left of Murder. Maybe cause they're aware that Light Grenades bombed. Brandon Boyd is still the hottest frontman ever. Swoon swoon swoon x 1000.

John Legend sungguh mengada dan berdiva. But still, I had a moment when he sang Ordinary People.

Najwa, Tompi, Gerhana Ska Cinta and Hujan - very good too. Generally, all the local acts stepped it up.

I love how the music was non-stop, literally. Like The Roots would end, and 5 minutes later, Incognito was at the stage next door playing. People were moving back and forth like a pendulum. I was really impressed at just how there was ALWAYS someone performing. Except when it was John Legend's slot. He made everyone wait 15 mins.

Lots of food at okay prices. No RM8 curry puff like Live And Loud, at least.

Free games! Mechanical bull and faux sumo was fun to watch. Fire-eaters were damn cool too.

Great attendance. Much better than I expected. All four stages were nicely crowded. Of course more thronged towards the 2 main stages for the bigger acts, but people who performed on the 2 smaller stages had crowds of thousands watching them still. It wasn't biased to one end.

It was grass. No mud like Recharge at Melaka. Thank god!

For the media, I think they might have had frustrations with getting quotes for their article, or even posing questions to the artists. The mic was't working in the press room so whenever the artist said something, it was lost on everyone. When it was Incubus's time to meet the press, it was just chaotic and consisted of the organizers shouting to get the media in check while a meet-the-fans session was going on.

Security guards at festivals still irk me. I know they're just doing their job but must they be so rude about it. Seriously, I won't jump on any of the artists. I. Am. Just. Standing. Here. Okay?

Conclusion: Sunburst is one of the better music festivals I've been to. It was organized (on the outside, at least.. who knows internally?) and the performances were more or less according to the schedule given. I think what impressed me most was that each stage was CROWDED. It didn't look empty and pathetic, even with the lesser known acts. I can see a lot went into the planning. They thought about where to place the tents, the scheduling was great, and it was just really, really entertaining. With an event of this scale, there were probably a lot of last-minute changes and general chaos, but they succeeded in hiding that from the crowd. Can't stress how important that is. I've been on my feet since 1pm and it's 3.30am now ... I'm EXHAUSTED like you wouldn't believe. But I'm pretty happy .. just the feeling you get when you know you've had your fill of good live music. So congrats, Sunburst. I'm hoping to see you return in 2009.

My Tablecloth Dress

Saturday, March 01, 2008
5:18 PM

Last night, a random hipster came up to me.

Hipster: "Hi... I've seen your dress on two different people already!"
Moi: "Oh. I guess I'll have to burn it now."
Hipster: "But it looks the best on you ..."
Moi: "Thank you". *curtsies*
Hipster: "... cos the other two look like fucking walruses!"
Moi: "... okay."

I can't figure out if that was a compliment or not. Well, whatevs. That's the last time I'd wear my hipster-wannabe dress out to hipster places. And I thought I was oh-so special and different.