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Desktop Confessional

XX's Back! (Alright!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
12:40 AM

Wow, consistently updating a blog is such a chore. I haven't even loaded my blog in a month. There goes my New Year's resolution of actively blogging again. I'm just going to use the term 'actively' loosely...

Anyway, the one month hiatus between the previous post and this one has been pretty eventful. Where to begin! That's the problem when you let things pile on each other. When it comes time to actually talk about it, everything becomes a bit of a blur.

It's been a good music month for me. There was Switchfoot in early February. Though I wasn't a huge fan, by the end of their concert I was totally digging them. They performed with such enthusiasm, and frontman Jon Foreman had such amazing showmanship. They were awesome to watch live - and amazing to hear too. Simon who was standing in the middle of the crowd said they sounded like a CD ... crystal clear delivery and pitch perfect to boot.

And later on in February, I went for Explosions in the Sky. Having never been to a post-rock concert/gig before, it's safe to say that the Texan band set the bar pretty damn high. With no vocals or audience interaction (save for when they introduced themselves as Letupan Di Langit, and when they apologized for not having an encore), they still managed to move the crowd and completely immerse the venue with their epic sounds. I loved it. It was a pretty intense gig ... I suppose post-rock does that to someone. You just get really into the song, interpreting it in ways personal to you. I loved the video that Shermen put together for the band, so I'm going to post it here.

Moving on to something HUGE. For me at least. I'm interviewing the Backstreet Boys tomorrow!! If you're wondering why I'm freaking out over has-beens ... well, let's just say that you should have seen me when I was 12. I was OBSESSED with BSB. I had posters, videos, CDs, stickers, magazines ... a total fangirl. I knew all their songs (well, up till the third album :P) and all the dance steps. I would go to bed at night listening to their CD and praying that I'll be able to meet them one day.

And now, that day has come! Z.O.M.FREAKING.G. A decade later, but STILL - the day has come. I wish I could travel back in the past and let the 12-year-old me in on this fact. Bad news: I only have 10 minutes with BSB. Yep, 10 loooooooong minutes shared between three media people. Wonderful.

And in slightly more than a week's time, another huge deal for me - my first time voting. Yep, I'll be voting with the rest of Malaysia on March 8 for the future of my country. I really hope there'll be some change this year. It probably won't be major - a revolution doesn't happen overnight, does it? But a small change that could indicate something positive for bigger changes the next time around.

Found these ads (flyers?) on www.exceptyou.org. They were made for the USA presidential election, but I felt the points were relevant to anyone who is eligible to vote but have not registered, or do not feel that they should vote.

Seriously guys, do exercise your democratic right to vote if you have registered. Sure, it's hard to say whether our votes will even make an obvious difference. But how's not voting going to make things better? We can try, at the very least.

Oh and before I sign off and head to bed, I'd like to invite you guys to this party. My friends and I will be er, "spinning", to use another term loosely. We'd just be playing some tracks from our playlists - indie rock, bubblegum pop, punk-pop, cheesy oldies, local bands, etc. Bottomline: we're not music elitists, so we'll play anything, from Bananarama, to Kylie, to Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, Guns N' Roses, Joy Division, Simian Mobile Disco, bla bla bla whatever's "cool". You can bring some MP3s too! We'll play them! It's a Be Your Own DJ night.

6 March, The Loft @ Zouk
Free before 12am, RM20 after 12am

Be sure to come up and say hello. :)

Phew, what a long post. Certainly makes up for the absence.