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I See Stars

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just a quick note before I forget.

One of my favourite local bands Estrella will be launching their self-titled debut at Centro (next to KL Sentral) at 8pm TONIGHT (31 Jan). It's a free event, and you'll get to see performances by not only Estrella but by several other acts like Otam and Seven. And to end the night, a DJ set by Poof!. (Not a typo, it's really poof exclamation mark. So cute!)

I first heard Estrella's stuff when I used to frequent the singer-songwriter nights of Troubadours. Subsequently I bought the album Voices From Next Door, a compilation of local singer-songwriters and I loved, loved, loved Estrella's contribution to it. A melancholic, acoustic number called "Take It Slow". It was a slow burner ... sensual, jazzy and groovy. Did I say love? LOVE.

That track and nine more are on Estrella, the album. It's a lovely release; enjoyable, accessible and very breezy. If you like indie, jazz, or indie jazz - please do check them out at their MySpace or AMP.

(This post has been edited to remove tracks.)

  1. Anonymous Ranya said:

    Great pic -- Liyana looks lovely!

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