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Desktop Confessional


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do you Google yourself?

I admit that I do it every few months. Just to see what kind of search results would come up. I did it again a few days ago. I was surprised to see what resulted actually. If you knew enough info about me (my full name for example), one search on Google and you can roughly figure out where I work, my political viewpoints, where I graduated. Scary no? And what's this I hear about Facebook being our generation's Big Brother? Conspiracy theory? You decide - watch it.

Anyway on this exercise of vanity, I stumbled upon this blog entry and it referred to this mini-review I wrote about Carl's Jr when it first opened in 1 Utama. It was for the company's blog and was done very informally. I wrote that I loved their Double Portobello Mushroom burger, yada yada. Well, the blogger read that entry and decided to check out Carl's Jr and found it disappointing. Which is fine and dandy, because a review is a personal opinion and anyone is welcomed to disagree.

What was hard to swallow though was when he/she implied that I was probably paid to write that review. Now, that's just unfair. I paid for that meal ... all RM35 of it. I suppose what I should've done was added that disclaimer at the bottom of my review. A rookie mistake. I've certainly learnt from that.

Another thing I've learnt from this episode was the impact of what I write. I've been working in the media for almost a year now, but until very recently, I had no inkling of the influence of my role. I honestly did not realize just how much I could sway a decision. Which begs the question: how SHOULD one approach issues/events/reviews? Should you be harsh and judgmental, so readers will be pleasantly surprised when they experience it for themselves? Or, should you be all happy-thoughts-and-unicorns and be positive about everything - but get slack when a reader feels cheated by your words?

It's a tough balance to strike, and I don't feel it coming naturally to me yet. It's something I have to work on this year, along with the resolve to make full use of my influence - I can really do some damage. And by 'damage', I mean good. But of course.


And on to some music! I wonder sometimes - if I was in a band, how would I want it to sound like? The answer? A lot like Bishop Allen. Their track "Rain" is a lot of things at once - upbeat, melodic, cynical, moody, hopeful. It's in the tune and the words.

And by the way, I am in a band. It's called The Pageant! We were number 36 in Top Favourites (Today 30/1) - People & Blogs - Australia. HAHAH. What the fuck, seriously. The things you do for giggles.

  1. Anonymous Ranya said:

    I haven't done it in months. And after the big fiasco in December, just stopped caring altogether what might be out there. It's scary, sure... But I don't want to lose nights over it.

  1. Blogger JK said:

    I know what you mean about reviewing. You have to be careful. But it pays to do your homework and know what you're talking about. You just need to substantiate whatever claims you makes. If it's good, why is it good? Ditto if it's bad. Of course, being able to tell bad from good and vice versa is really subjective, like your not-so-happy Carl's Jr review reader. It happens.

    What you don't want to do though is put a disclaimer in your article. You don't want readers to think you're a gwimp (gimp + wimp).

    And anyway, you should've claimed for that Carl's Jr burger... ha ha ha...

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