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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have so much to blog about: Carl's Jr's crappy service, retarded clubbers and Cloverfield, to name but a few. But I can't seem to find time to spew and rant. Typical. I need to find some space and do all these things I promise myself I would.

I'm updating simply because I heard some exciting news. Was doing a story on concerts that are coming up soon in the region and got really worked up by it. By the end of it I swear I wanted to clean out my bank account just to go for them all. Thankfully (or not), I got a hold on myself.

So we all know Switchfoot is performing soon. I don't mind them. I really enjoyed stuff like "Learning to Breathe" and "Only Hope". Sappy, but sweet. Singing along to them is very fulfilling, actually.

Anyway I called up Mak from Soundscape Records to confirm this rumour I heard: Explosions in the Sky live in Kuala Lumpur.

Yes people. Explosions are confirmed to play on 19 February. They can't confirm venue yet but hey, at least their presence is guaranteed. I'm excited! I'm not a huge fan of post-rock (as I said, I like sing-alongs) but I have to admit that I get really swept away by Explosions's atmospherics. And I heard they are AWESOME live. Can't wait.

Also coming soon to our shores are Swedish acts Club 8 and Pelle - 25 January, which is this Friday. Tickets are still available so go get them! I think I'd be missing this because I have a media dinner to attend. I've not heard much about Pelle but Club 8 is lovely. You can read more about them here.

12:15am. I am going to watch 10 Things I Hate About You and mourn for Heath Ledger. Are you as shocked as I was?

Edit: Well EITS is confirmed. 19 Feb at Ruums. Getcha tickets at Ruums or Rock Corner outlets. RM110 a pop (pre-sale). RM130 at the door.

  1. Blogger + nadiah said:

    I am SO SO sad about missing out on Explosions in the Sky.

    And I wish I had 10 Things on DVD. Last movie I saw with Heath was Candy. You should definitely watch it if you haven't already. So good.

  1. Blogger Uzair Sawal said:

    diorang main kat ruums. but im sure you already know by now.

  1. Blogger JK said:

    Don't worry, Sarah. Just save enuf to go down for Bird & Bee....

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    nadiah: whatevs, you've seen more acts than i have! hardy har har. :D:D: sonic youth, repeat that, tis ok.

    uzair sawal: yep, never been for a gig at ruums. hope the sound's good.

    jk: gah, i have to book tickets. i wonder if i can afford it.

  1. Anonymous xo said:

    wow, bumped into your blog...didn't kno so many musicians were making their way here.
    But if they said swedish, I'd hope they got ppl like Jose Gonzales or the Swedish House Mafia here hehe

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