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Desktop Confessional

New and shiny.

Monday, December 31, 2007

I've had this blog since 2003, and though I hardly update it now, I haven't the heart to delete it. There are some goddamn embarrassing entries in here, if you care enough to go back a few years. Some might like a clean slate, but not me. I am into clutter, I am into collections. I like looking back and remembering. And in 2008, I want to record my life.

You know how people say, the busier your life gets the less you tend to share it on your blog? Well, 2007 was one of my most memorable years. I did so much, I met so many, I learned a hell lot more. Unfortunately, when I look back in the year, the memories I have of these events are fuzzy at best. Unlike, say, my trip to HK way back in 2005.

So if I don't update regularly in the new year, BITCHSLAP ME PLEASE!

A Happy 2008 to everyone, and before I leave, my favourite song of the year, for many reasons. I love what it's trying to say, mostly. It's hella old though but eh, I never mentioned anything it being a recent track now...

  1. Blogger Adlin said:

    instead of a bitch slap, can i instead stand behind you and make really annoying sounds with my mouth? like say, weeee woooo weeee woooo wooop wooop weeee weee wuuuu wuuuu waaaaa wooooo wooo wooow weeeee weee weeee

  1. Blogger Kevin Yeoh said:

    Ahhh I see you have returned. You is no bunny. You eat duck. Sautee chicken pepperoni doughnut. Weeee!

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    adlin: i look forward to those noises.

    kevin: what theeeeee??? sometimes i swear you just put random words together and pass them off as a sentence, hahaha.

  1. Blogger Kevin Yeoh said:

    Hello excuse me.. What about Adlin's comment!!??

    And eh why your comment page so weird one. Please fix it please. And pimp your blog up la!! Make it got fringe and name it Sarchan!

    You're a branding of yourself!! Holla.

    Mariah would be proud.

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