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Desktop Confessional


Friday, August 10, 2007

The other day I got up on the wrong side of bed and walked into the office pretty sour. I'm on leave next Wednesday onwards for my convocation and next week is possibly the worst time to be on leave as we're wrapping up September's issue on that very same week. Warghh!! I'm freaking out just thinking what if my interviews don't come back in time ... what if I don't get everything done ... all the listings to compile before I leave ... etc etc.

So I opened my inbox, hoping that some of interviews are back, and I got this.

I laughed at my desk for a good 5 minutes. I look like shite there but I've learnt not to care about bad photos anymore.

Thanks Kev bb, you really made my day!

  1. Blogger meesh said:


  1. Blogger c.ho said:


    Hey.. Congrats on your convo!!! Don't stress too much. Enjoy your day.. you only have it once.... unless you're planning to study more.

  1. Blogger Azza said:

    ...you're not the only one laughing a good 5 mins.

    except that i'm doing it at 1am, with like, barry manilow playing in the background.

    kev kev is funneh.

    (oh yah, azza here btw)

  1. Blogger cyber-red said:

    the convo will kill your brain cells. one time and one time only =P

    that's a very cute cartoon strip thingy =)

  1. Anonymous ahlost said:

    haha.. hilarious... good one :)

  1. Blogger pinkpau said:

    your friend nabbed that photo from thesuperficial.com. i swear.

  1. Blogger jokeserv_ said:

    wow, i found someone else who uses the same template as me. i dun feel special anymore. -_-"

  1. Blogger sarah said:


    err... great minds think alike? does THAT make u feel better?

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