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Desktop Confessional

Photopost! Friday!

Monday, July 02, 2007

I am still recuperating from my weekend. The early portion of Friday was spent at the Martell-KLue RSVP Dinner at Market Place on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. If you're going "RSV..whaaa?", let me just briefly say that RSVP is a monthly dinner KLue organizes at new restaurants in town. What goes down at every RSVP is that you get to have a really great four-course meal for a fraction of the original price, indulge in a sinful amount of free flow Martell concoctions, take as many polaroids as you can to remember the night (free!) and just hang out with your buddies. I have to say, last Friday's RSVP was definitely one of the most enjoyable. Food was awesome! People were awesome! Etc. Only good things to be said.

I got there a little earlier to set up, so I had time to snap some pictures as well!

2 hours later, and the same place was packed with people mingling.

Oh, and did I mention the view?

Just imagine sitting on the bar stool, sipping on a cocktail and laughing with your friends. ZOMG so Sex and the City. And sorry, there are no pictures of food because 1)I'm horrible with food photography and 2)I was one of the last to eat (had to wait for all guests to arrive) and was so hungry I finished the meal in 20 minutes.

I sat with these buncha kids.

Cool right? If you want to come for the next RSVP, check out the details. So worth your money, okay!

This was followed by TAG, which I haven't been in a while. Last Friday reminded me why I liked TAG so much. Just having a lot of laughs, dancing and jumping stupidly around with my friends, singing along to indie anthems. And cheap long island iced teas. Kev took a crap load of photos and they all make me look oily, pimply and shiny. The joy! Oh and if seeing your boss "create a new dance move" (his words, not mine) is not LOL material, I don't know what is.

I love my new shoes. You'd never guess where I got them.

Elina and I! I have her to thank for my free meal. That's me in the Posh Spice (celebrating the reunion) pose and her Paris Hilton impersonation.

My meeshlet. Haven't partied with her for too damn long.

The designer, the editor and the editorial assistant (-_-).

People went nuts when these lights came on.

To end the night, they played The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights". I have such fond memories of that song, so I left with a smile on my face.

I also went to Aquaria on Sunday. For someone with a slight fear of fish, it was a little unnerving seeing so many fishes. Some more the boyfriend kept saying, "Imagine if there was a leak ..." Ack, vivid images, out OUT! To be frank, I wasn't totally impressed with it and I spent a grand amount of 30 minutes in there. I gave my parents two free tickets to go next week, so maybe they'll enjoy it more than me. My dad especially; he's a nature kinda dude. Strictly Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

It's my ma's birthday today. She turns the big five oh. She'd rather I not remind her about it.

This has been a shameless narcissistic post. If you'd excuse me, I think I'll go throw out my ego and watch some news.

  1. Blogger calvism said:

    such great heights! one of my fave song! :P hehe

  1. Blogger pinkpau said:

    i know where u got ur shoes. i know i know i know

    and why that guy so shy keep hiding his face

    haha! twitter fangirl

  1. Blogger pinkpau said:

    sarah you are not serious. you do not have that anya bag. you do not. you do not.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    calvism - isn't it lyke awsum? :D

    su ann - lol. i do, i do!!

  1. Blogger melody said:

    sarah sarah it's really you! helluuuuu!:D it's been too long since i bloghopped by your way. met john the other day and asked him if you were you, and yes, huzzah, you are!

    *contains random inexplainable enthusiasm*

    btw...are your shoes from...bata? :D cos i think i saw something like that. i have a similar pair from aus, i love em. woots!


  1. Blogger sarah said:

    hey melody! yes john told me you're freelancing for us now. awesome :D and zomg yes they are from bata. no one believes me when i tell them.

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