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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wow, it's something like the end of an era.

Woke up, all bright-eyed with excitement this morning at 8am. Pretty damn early, considering it's a Saturday. Drove to the MPH where I pre-ordered my book for RM109.90. I knew there were not going to be lines, considering that MPH wasn't officially selling the book. Honestly, I wasn't too fussed that the hypermarkets were selling it for a lower price. If it encourages you to buy a book and read, I'm cool with that. We all live within our means after all. If you can afford to splash RM100++ for a book, that's great. What it means now is probably that more people would have the joy of reading it on the first day, no paperback wait. It works for me. And I wonder how the lines were at my local Carrefour. I passed the entrance on the way to the bookstore and thought I glimpsed a sizable crowd. Was I wrong?

I walked in - no hassle at all, it was pretty damn quiet - and showed my receipt, and they handed me the book in this nice bag. I drove to a McDonald's, took away their breakfast set, reached home and started reading. That was at 9am.

It's a little bit after 9pm now, and I just about finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I practically devoured it honestly. I left my room only for food. Hermit-like.

So was it worth it? I started reading the book when I was 15, and since I'm about to turn 22 soon, it's been 7 years of following Potter's adventures. The final book is a lot darker than the rest, a lot more matured. It has kinda lost the magical wander it had during the earlier books, which is natural considering that the seventh book dealt with a lot more pressing themes. Death and loss, particularly. No more wandering about Hogwarts at night, no more schoolboy pranks. It's definitely different, but at the same time, the end was justified.

JK Rowling's mind is so amazing - the attention she pays to details is really, really admirable. All the small things you've read in the previous book suddenly play such a big role, and it's pretty awesome to place the pieces in this epic jigsaw puzzle.

But I guess above it, I find it so strange that there will be no more Potter books to anticipate, and that I've actually read the final, final chapter of the series. Yes I got a bit emotional, ain't no shame! But I can always reread the book again. And there's the matter of 2 more movies to watch. So you see, this really isn't the end of the Potter saga, and strangely, that makes me feel happy. The magic lives on, then.

(God I am such a fangirl.)

  1. Blogger melody said:

    i'm still in the process of reading mine, and yeah...i was thinking the same thing, the magic's faded, but i've been following this since i was 13! or thereabouts la.

    i'm actually quite bored with this one, which is sad considering how i used to devour them completely :( my writing subjects have taught me to nitpick and overanalyse so the fun's gone. boo.

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