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Desktop Confessional

Closed Chapters

Saturday, July 21, 2007
9:02 PM

Wow, it's something like the end of an era.

Woke up, all bright-eyed with excitement this morning at 8am. Pretty damn early, considering it's a Saturday. Drove to the MPH where I pre-ordered my book for RM109.90. I knew there were not going to be lines, considering that MPH wasn't officially selling the book. Honestly, I wasn't too fussed that the hypermarkets were selling it for a lower price. If it encourages you to buy a book and read, I'm cool with that. We all live within our means after all. If you can afford to splash RM100++ for a book, that's great. What it means now is probably that more people would have the joy of reading it on the first day, no paperback wait. It works for me. And I wonder how the lines were at my local Carrefour. I passed the entrance on the way to the bookstore and thought I glimpsed a sizable crowd. Was I wrong?

I walked in - no hassle at all, it was pretty damn quiet - and showed my receipt, and they handed me the book in this nice bag. I drove to a McDonald's, took away their breakfast set, reached home and started reading. That was at 9am.

It's a little bit after 9pm now, and I just about finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I practically devoured it honestly. I left my room only for food. Hermit-like.

So was it worth it? I started reading the book when I was 15, and since I'm about to turn 22 soon, it's been 7 years of following Potter's adventures. The final book is a lot darker than the rest, a lot more matured. It has kinda lost the magical wander it had during the earlier books, which is natural considering that the seventh book dealt with a lot more pressing themes. Death and loss, particularly. No more wandering about Hogwarts at night, no more schoolboy pranks. It's definitely different, but at the same time, the end was justified.

JK Rowling's mind is so amazing - the attention she pays to details is really, really admirable. All the small things you've read in the previous book suddenly play such a big role, and it's pretty awesome to place the pieces in this epic jigsaw puzzle.

But I guess above it, I find it so strange that there will be no more Potter books to anticipate, and that I've actually read the final, final chapter of the series. Yes I got a bit emotional, ain't no shame! But I can always reread the book again. And there's the matter of 2 more movies to watch. So you see, this really isn't the end of the Potter saga, and strangely, that makes me feel happy. The magic lives on, then.

(God I am such a fangirl.)


Thursday, July 19, 2007
2:17 AM

The smell of rain
it brings back a lot
of the past
into the present
as I stand there on that platform
watching the rain fall straight down
on a windless night
it is beautiful
almost military
it is hard and gentle
both quiet and loud
just like those memories
of a weekend that perpetually rained.

(comments off because I suck at poetry. But this one came out of nowhere.)

Online, offline, real life.

Saturday, July 14, 2007
1:16 AM

It's so funny how a perfectly good moment can be ruined in just an instant.

Earlier tonight I was checking out this 18-year-old Dutch singer, who rose to fame via YouTube - her name is Esmee Denters. She's really an example of how you can harness the Internet for your own good. What she did was basically recorded herself singing and posted it on YouTube and right now, she has 1 million views and counting ... for each song she uploaded. Such numbers got her noticed by one Justin Timberlake, who signed her on to his label Tennmann. Now the chick's touring UK with JT.

Can she sing? Judge for yourself.

Covering "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield.

Doing Alicia Key's "How Come You Don't Call Me?"

She's good but not amazing but her voice is hardly the point. The point here is that Esmee is just one of many people who are smart enough to see just how far the reach of the internet is. Day after day, I hear amazing stories of people who, with nothing much but hard work and some raw talent, make it in real life through online exposure. Now, that just kind of makes me feel like I can do anything if I really put my mind into it. It was a nice, warm feeling that filled my mind with possibilities as I took a shower ..

But then I log on to Petaling Street and I see ping after ping of a blogger being arrested. (See: here, here and here). On what grounds you ask? That's the thing. The arrest so far has been vague as hell except the fact that it concerns his blog, and certain statements he made. To see such disheartening news after almost having some form of an epiphany earlier was a downer to say the very least. Only earlier in the day Elina and I were saying how out of touch the government was with the young and the new, and this really proves just what we mean. In what developed/developing nation can you just arrest someone without stating, up first, what he is being arrested for? And that's just the tip of the iceberg about how wrong this feels to me. This is a very politically-charged issue and I am by no means, an expert at that. What disturbs me the most here is the human rights side of it. Bloggers being arrested is nothing new, but it will continue to disturb me as I go to bed tonight.

Sometimes it's hard to say just how disappointed you are.

Photopost! Friday!

Monday, July 02, 2007
11:10 PM

I am still recuperating from my weekend. The early portion of Friday was spent at the Martell-KLue RSVP Dinner at Market Place on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. If you're going "RSV..whaaa?", let me just briefly say that RSVP is a monthly dinner KLue organizes at new restaurants in town. What goes down at every RSVP is that you get to have a really great four-course meal for a fraction of the original price, indulge in a sinful amount of free flow Martell concoctions, take as many polaroids as you can to remember the night (free!) and just hang out with your buddies. I have to say, last Friday's RSVP was definitely one of the most enjoyable. Food was awesome! People were awesome! Etc. Only good things to be said.

I got there a little earlier to set up, so I had time to snap some pictures as well!

2 hours later, and the same place was packed with people mingling.

Oh, and did I mention the view?

Just imagine sitting on the bar stool, sipping on a cocktail and laughing with your friends. ZOMG so Sex and the City. And sorry, there are no pictures of food because 1)I'm horrible with food photography and 2)I was one of the last to eat (had to wait for all guests to arrive) and was so hungry I finished the meal in 20 minutes.

I sat with these buncha kids.

Cool right? If you want to come for the next RSVP, check out the details. So worth your money, okay!

This was followed by TAG, which I haven't been in a while. Last Friday reminded me why I liked TAG so much. Just having a lot of laughs, dancing and jumping stupidly around with my friends, singing along to indie anthems. And cheap long island iced teas. Kev took a crap load of photos and they all make me look oily, pimply and shiny. The joy! Oh and if seeing your boss "create a new dance move" (his words, not mine) is not LOL material, I don't know what is.

I love my new shoes. You'd never guess where I got them.

Elina and I! I have her to thank for my free meal. That's me in the Posh Spice (celebrating the reunion) pose and her Paris Hilton impersonation.

My meeshlet. Haven't partied with her for too damn long.

The designer, the editor and the editorial assistant (-_-).

People went nuts when these lights came on.

To end the night, they played The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights". I have such fond memories of that song, so I left with a smile on my face.

I also went to Aquaria on Sunday. For someone with a slight fear of fish, it was a little unnerving seeing so many fishes. Some more the boyfriend kept saying, "Imagine if there was a leak ..." Ack, vivid images, out OUT! To be frank, I wasn't totally impressed with it and I spent a grand amount of 30 minutes in there. I gave my parents two free tickets to go next week, so maybe they'll enjoy it more than me. My dad especially; he's a nature kinda dude. Strictly Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

It's my ma's birthday today. She turns the big five oh. She'd rather I not remind her about it.

This has been a shameless narcissistic post. If you'd excuse me, I think I'll go throw out my ego and watch some news.