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Desktop Confessional

When 5 become 1

Friday, June 29, 2007
12:04 AM

Pardon the cheesy as hell title but ...

I feel 12 all over again! Guess who's back!


Oh ma lawd. It's been far too long and no one makes pop songs as well as they do. They practically personified my childhood/early teendom. Don't pretend you're not excited, now.

Just for the memories!

I don't have much to say.. except..
Well first off, before I joined my current company, I did a brief stint in an advertising agency as a junior copywriter. Advertising and I wasn't the right fit but we were working on several clients before I left.

Today as I was waiting on the platform for the train, I glanced over at someone reading NST and lo and behold, the ad with my copy in print. I stared so long that the guy quickly moved two steps away. But wow, it's certainly something to see an ad with your words on them.

So let's see ... I've been on reality TV, I've written copy for an ad that's running in national papers ... Time to work on several other discreet ambitions. Watch out world. XD