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Desktop Confessional

Race Day

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
9:30 PM

Insane things have happened since my last update. About a week ago, I agreed to represent my company for the N95 Wireless Adventure. Believe me, when I said yes I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into! All I heard was - "You'll get a Nokia N95. Brand new. Free." and my brain automatically responded with a "YES! SURE!" Come on man. It's "what computers have become"! It costs more than my monthly salary! It's packed with ridiculously amazing features! GPS! Also, if your team is the fastest, you get a trip to Rome! Who dowan?

But of course, there's a catch and that is to be part of the Adventure, which I didn't really mind because I thought it was sorta like Amazing Race but downscaled to just KL. And I have always wanted to be part of the Amazing Race, so I was actually rather excited about it. Until that is .... I found out that the race was going to filmed. For TV. And be screened for 3 weeks. Panic attacks hit me, anxiety, reluctance. It freaked me out more when I went for the training session and they were already filming, and the cameraman would move here and there and sometimes he's RIGHT next to you, filming you, and you don't even notice it until you turn your head! Maybe I'm being dramatic but for someone who's usually behind the lens, it's a bit unnerving.

The race was on May 26 and 27, and we checked into Marriot the night before for an 'ice breaking' session at Jogoya. The food there by the way, is all sorts of awesome. And my room had a view! Nice. So this is what 5 star hotels are like ... I forget cos I always seem to end up at backpacker places. I'm poor. :|

And what about the race, you ask? I won't divulge much cos that will take away from the fun of watching the tv show! But honestly, the race was just an experience that I definitely did not regret. I did things I never thought I'd do, I met a lot of cool people, I was fed really well (heh!) ... the general atmosphere of the 2 days that we raced was just excitement upon excitement. Here's what I cringe about though - I had so many embarrassing moments that were caught on camera. I was the most unfit in my team (and also the youngest, go figure). Therefore, I wheezed and panted a lot especially during the last day because we ran SO MUCH. And I still feel like throwing up a little whenever I think about the day when the show finally airs.

But. Mortification it's a small price to pay for the experience. And for a N95, heh heh. Here are some visuals that I can show you from the race!

Exploring the dark caves at Batu Caves. Awesome, awesome, awesome. It was pitch black and the warden was telling us all about stalagmites, stalactites and flow columns. Woah. I paid attention, didn't I? There was guano everywhere and the floor was covered with cockroaches.

One of the tasks was to rock climb. *faints* And another team member had to abseil. *vomits* But those were probably two of the most physical tasks (if you don't count the constant sprinting/running)... the rest were more about technique, strategy, etc.

And this was my team after a strenuous Day 1, smiling through the exhaustion, yo.

From left - Soon Min, moi, Aishah, Brian

We clean up nice, no? At the Award Dinner at Third Floor Restaurant. In the middle is Derek, our Race Marshall who was the best!

And of course, all pics by the N95. Not bad eh? It better not be bad.. it's got a 5 megapixel camera. Love.