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Desktop Confessional

Weekend Away

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Since I can't sleep, I figured that now would be the best time to post photos from my weekend getaway 2 weeks ago (has it been that long?!). I had the best, most relaxing time, and I can't wait to go away again. Guess where we were. Or not. You know, if you were into competitive guessing games or something, you could guess.. (rambling)

Nothing but road! Miles and miles of it! But it wasn't so bad. When you're stuck in a car for over 3 hours, the radio will start playing songs you like so it was bearable and surprisingly fun.

Scenes from the hotel:

The room is pretty unique as they're all individual rooms that comes with a porch. Great if you just wanna hang out and have conversation. Loved my hotel!

But since we only had the weekend, we were hell bent on having as much relaxation as possible. Is there such a thing as forced relaxation or compulsory relaxation? It seems like an oxymoron, but dammit, we will relax no matter what! Thus, we spent most of our time by the beach, on a hammock or in the pool where I embarrassed myself in front of expats, learning to float.

I had great plans for a gastronomical break as well. But it didn't really turn out that way. We either got lost, the store didn't open or ... we got lost. So I pacified my bruised glutton heart by having tea and breakfast for champions.

Super orange, super articial, super addictive Super Rings! And tea. Random.

Best meal ever. I love breakfast 'cuisine' to bits so I basically ate my heart out. What you see above was probably my third helping, The Healthy Helping basically. The previous two consisted of ham, sausages, pancakes with maple syrup, grilled tomatoes with mozarella, hash browns, a most awesome omelette ... Now I'm craving for breakfast food that ain't cereal.

It was a short but really good trip. It left me wanting more breaks (though I doubt anyone could ever get enough). I only wished that we didn't get lost that often in town! Gah!

We were such noobs. And if you were playing the guessing game, the answer was Penang.

Time to go and attempt sleep now.

//The Minor Canon "It Never Was"
(This is an awesome song by a band I just discovered from Hi-Fi Heart. She's awesome too. Go to her site, my indie rock/pop fans.)

  1. Blogger Hi-Fi Heart said:

    thanks for plugging my blog. i am so glad you have enjoyed the music thus far!

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    sounds like a lotta fun. can't believe it was just Penang ! now if only u had a hot guy to accompany you

  1. Anonymous kb said:

    u keep an interesting blog. i hit the blog by accident few months ago, and came to browse the pudate once in a while. keep it up.

  1. Anonymous nnyleus said:

    hey just wondering, which hotel did you stay? it looks really nice.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    hi-fi heart: no worries, was a pleasure.

    simonsta: AHEM

    kb: thanks for dropping by.

    nnyleus: yeah the hotel was beautiful. Lone Pine Hotel. its on batu ferringhi.

  1. Blogger pinkpau said:

    lone pine! it's g-g-g-gorgeousss. hehe hope u had lotsa good penang food babe!

  1. Blogger Broken Scar said:

    Sarah!! You are like the 5th person this week that I found out went to Penang! Haha. Is it Penang season? It seems like ages since we last talked..haha...Thousand apologies, assignments got the best for me.

    The pics are great, Penang is great, Simon's the best!


  1. Anonymous mac said:

    I could see the bus comming from a mile away, somehow I still managed to step in front of it..

    Alas, what is it I really have to lose? Everything, Nothing? In case you've been asleep, the breaking news is that they are one and the same. Good God I Must Admit though that smiling eyes, hips with attitude and heels that stir the coals of my imagination would sorely be missed. Fresh ground coffee and iridescent leaves glowing in the morning sun, alone might be enough to forever bind me to confusion. Was she doing what I think she was doing? Slightly reclined with two fingers pressed firmly against the thin fabric of her dress a few inches below her belly button and an almost imperceptible quiver in her knees. Lady! Thank you. I am scarred for life.. but in such a good way.

  1. Blogger vitamin c said:

    beautiful pictures. =)

    You made my day. *hug* well, accidentally bump into your blog, and it is indeed a cheerful one.

    great day.

  1. Anonymous Andrew said:

    Great place. Pity we didn't know that the beach doesn't face east and the staff didn't bother telling us. We sat for hours waiting for the sun to rise :S

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