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Desktop Confessional

It's A Jungle Out There

Thursday, March 15, 2007

You know how it's like to be a girl in KL. On any average day, you're walking around in t-shirt and jeans, completely casual, completely conservative. But still, you get catcalls, that irritating semi-whistle that sounds like their sucking inwards on their lips, you get honks, you get weird uncles on motorbikes who come straight up to you and ask, "Where to?"

Why do people still exhibit this sort of disgusting behavior? It's not so much a reflection on how incredibly moronic you are because that's purely your own personal thing. But do you seriously think we ENJOY getting attention when we're doing our best to just get to work in one piece? It's scary enough to be a girl on the streets, no matter day and night, with the amount of crime that's happening these days, so why the fuck do you feel the need to make it worse?

I wonder if it's so much to ask to leave us alone. There's a time and place to get our attention, and believe me, the fucking streets are not the place for it.

(And like I would really give you any attention, you freaking perv.)

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    It is unforturnate and I do feel for you. It seems that many blame the girl for their own weak minds. The bright side is that a fair number of those numbnuts will end up as nominees for darwin awards. Carry mace and fill the guys face with it when it invades your space.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    I'm thinking of a taser. for real. do you know where i can get one?

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    Buy one on bangkok and bring it back in your checked bag.

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    That said, you might want to find out if it is legal here.

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