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Desktop Confessional


Friday, March 02, 2007

I do not remember changing my template. Imagine my "WTF o_O"-ness when I opened my blog and was unable to recognize it. Links are gone too. Curses!

Too much Martell, Sarah.

Nevermind, it needed a change anyway, so la dee da - off to source for better templates because two dudes standing in what seems to be a golf course with a laptop just does not cut it.

  1. Blogger Kevin said:

    Are you sure Sarah? I think the 'grass' is sexy.
    Are you gonna steal my template??!! Don't la... Later what would perceive of our friendship??? Jatuh sahammmmmmmmmmm!!!

    *ooo Loacker*


  1. Blogger + nadiah said:

    just change the picture and colours or somehing. otherwise it's nice.

  1. Blogger Kevin said:

    OMG Nadiah. Don't say that!! She'd probably be knocking on my MSN asking me how to do it!! EEEeeeekkKKsss! Hahaha.

    You should have seen her reaction online when she realised this. She went berserk like a purple coloured apple!! Gosh.


  1. Blogger sarah said:


  1. Blogger + nadiah said:

    HAHAHA. Sorry Kev! Oops.


  1. Blogger Kevin said:

    *runs and hide in Nadiah's bag*

  1. Blogger cyber-red said:


    i actually said out loud to myself: "whose blog am i on??"


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