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Desktop Confessional

Plug in, baby

Sunday, February 25, 2007
4:08 PM

Sundays usually suck for me because it's the prelude to Mondays, but I've been waiting for today since 2007 began because MUSE PERFORMS TONIGHT! Gah, I'm so excited that I've been playing their albums on rotation for the last couple of days! I read somewhere that tickets are going for up to RM4K on Ebay Malaysia ... that's just crazy, it is. I love the fact that its sold out .. there's going to be so much electricity in the air tonight, WOO!

Ahhh... how I have missed going to concerts! My last one was Incubus and that was in 2004, I think? It's been way too long. And I missed out on a series of acts that went straight pass Malaysia into Singapore because I was perpetually broke as a college student. But now that I'm working full time, I'm going to save some cash and splash it on concerts (be it in Malaysia or Singapore), travel (really need to do this more often), CD's and er, clothes. Shop much? Yes pls.

Speaking of work ... whoever said college was better is high on something. Can anything beat financial security, I ask you? When I was in college, my mom never gave me extra cash to spare (enough for food, though) so most of my college life saw me saying no to events that I was interested in but could not afford, outings with friends I wanted to join in but could not afford, food I craved but could not afford .. well you get the gist. Its all very superficial I know, but trust me ... it is sad sometimes to even have to strategize which mode of public transport to take, just to save some extra cash.

But I'm better off I think. Now that I don't have to rely completely on my parents for financial support, I find that I'm pretty good at managing my cash. Pretty proud of myself, actually. And what's even better than having extra income to spend on yourself, is having extra income to spend on other people. I actually ENJOY paying for my parents' meals. It's just nice to feel as though you're taking the first step in giving back what they've given to you all these years. Guess I'm just sentimental at heart, eh ...

I watched the series finale of The OC last night, and bawled during the last 10 minutes. Can't help it ... it's the last episode EVER, come on. Although the show began to turn bad during Season 3, I watched on anyway. Say what you will about the show ... you can't deny the presence it had in pop culture. It changed the way teenyboppers listened to music for one, and exposed so many indie bands to the world. Alex Patsavas, you will be missed the most.

Think I've talked about myself enough for one post. Bloggers are so self-involved, and I'm not an exception. See you when I update next .... probably next month, considering how much I abandon this blog.

// Zero 7 - The Pageant of the Bizarre