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Opinions Wanted!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hello lovelies,

Its February next month, and the magazine (I freelance) is doing the pre-requisite Vday article, hehe! I'm going around collecting ideas but need help!!

I'm interested in exploring some options that singletons have for celebrating Vday in KL ... so if you have any ideas/opinions/suggestions as to what would be great fun for a single to do, pls let me know! It could be anything ... outings, or certain events planned for singles only, or restaurants that have singles special ...

Alternatively, there's always the angle based on couples if the single-valentine's doesn't work out. Would love hearing any ideas you guys may have for spending Vday creatively with your loved ones.

Thanks! You have no idea how much I appreciate comments. :D

PS - anyone going for Muse's concert? I got my ticket already!

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    well during V day i like to intai couples in parking lot. can I know where you got your Muse tickets plss

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    The philharmonic. Anticipation is like chocolate. Your hand glides over her hip as the other gives her a glass of wine. Its easy to imagine the dress gracefully falling away as you slip the straps from her shoulders. You savor the feeling of the thin layer of silk between your hand and her skin. No words are said, none are needed as you take her hand and lead her into the night.

  1. Anonymous Val said:

    I'm not in KL, but if I was I would probably celebrate Vday no differently. I would sit in my room cursing all those happy couples out there, and then proceed to watch/sing along to Eric Carmen's 'All By Myself' over and over again.

    Sorry I can't be even remotely helpful to you.

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    OK, I have given it some thought.


    Won't be likely run into those mushy couples. It is also a good way to release frustration!

  1. Anonymous Steph.K said:


    i just checked the russell peters website..theres nothing that says anything about being in kl...florida ya, but kl nada..AND i will be seeing u at MUSE baybee!!

    anyhoo, happy new years!..hope u had a blast..

  1. Blogger Linn said:

    Valentine's all about bunga ros & chocolates. Not really a big Valentine girl but this year, I'm gonna spend my Valentine this year with underprivilege children in YMCA :)

  1. Anonymous Pam said:

    Hie! I read your blog sometimes, got directed from somewhere. Anyway, I don't know if you've heard bout this or if you still need this info but I thought it might help. :) Check out this!
    They've got an upcoming Valentine event for singles who wants to go on a blind date!

  1. Anonymous kynan said:

    stay at home and sulk!

  1. Blogger .ashraf. said:

    my idea of a good Vday celebtaion is probably setting up a nice night time picnic at a park or sumthing, and bringing along a projector to watch movies on a plain white sheet. and to make it a party bringing along other couples.

    mcm that starlight cinema thinggy dulu.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Hi girl,

    This is Ms Natasha! I stumbled upon your blog by accident and i am so proud of you!! You english only gets better if not the wit!! I am still stuck in the States! I can be reached at rkhairulanwar@yahoo.com
    Mail me!! BTW, looks like i have more luck in reaching Russell Peters than you guys! Hahaha... Also, come on babe, be more creative approaching VDay!!! Remember, don't bore your readers!!!! Try something like, the weirdest things people have done to sabotage someone else's VDay, or Ways people try to stay single and happy for VDay, or the VDay romantic plans that backfired... Burn those tradition ideas girl!! Go for strange!! That'll leave your mark as a writer! Muaks... that'll be RM50 for consultancy....

    Ms Nat

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