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I live in an entertainment wasteland.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The "authorities" is meeting its yearly quota of anal-ness as it has denied Russell Peters to perform in Kuala Lumpur. Congrats, powers that be. In all your efforts to promote Malaysia as a worthy tourist destination, you've driven music and comedy fans across the Causeway again in search for quality entertainment. Singapore is laughing back at you, long and hard. Such BS, can you please just have a sense of humour about things?

From www.russellpeters.com:


Sorry to say, but the show in KL will not proceed. Today - Sat.Jan.20.07. - we received confirmation that we did not get approval from the 'authorities'. Sorry KL but we tried.

Despite our best efforts to put on a show here, we were rebuffed.

We will be back in Singapore at some point this year, so we hope that the thousands of Malaysian fans will make their way down for that show.

Jumpa lagi, Inshallah.


RUSSELLPETERS.COM | posted on January 21, 2007

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    itu aper tu .. itu bahan jenaka dier tu .. tak sesuai .. kita focus wayang kulit yg tambah ilmu dan adat utk orang muda suka hisap dada

  1. Blogger calvism said:


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    if ever we're allowed to listen to punani or onegina jokes live, that time, without a doubt, we've been liberated.

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    not that I'am self-centered
    but, I feel neglected!
    cobble something together

    a dark corner
    a insecurity
    a dream
    a lie

    something lost
    something found
    something strange
    something profound

    look at the moon
    what's it made of?

  1. Blogger corpsie said:


  1. Blogger cyber-red said:

    update woman, sien.

  1. Anonymous jared said:

    helloO. yes malaysian censors are rubbish, true...

    but concerning russell peters...i've only heard "be a man, do the right thing" so i can't say i know his material

    but if he was to crack a racist joke... it's not smth msia needs..i actually think the authorities are right on this one

    lol seen remp-it?

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